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LV foil winding machine for transformers

LV foil winding machines, which are requisite for dry and oil type transformers as well reactor and amorphous alloy coils production. The LV foil winding machines are used to wind LV coils with Al or copper foil strip for distribution transformer. Generally one foil or two ...

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Transformer HV foil Winding Machine

The HV foil winding machine is used to wind high voltage coils for cast resin encapsulated transformers with Al or Cu foil strips. The individual Al or Cu foil discs are wound on the prepared casting mould separately and continuously via a sliding device. Total turns, segment ...

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foil winding machine

Product Description Foil winding machine is suitable for all kinds of coils winding in middle and small electric transformer, circuit transformer, reactor and other similar art. Especially used for rectangular foil coil winding of amorphous and open coil steel core transformer. ...

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