Electric Floor Heating Cable

Luxurious marble keeps the floor warm for a long time and keeps cool in summer so it is well matched to underfloor heating. The cable heating delivers effective heat to the marble and enjoys rapid and uniform heating effects.


The underfloor heating system that can use laminated floor, Ondol floor, and solid wood floor without fault is a wet construction with heating cable. Using inappropriate underfloor heating material may bend or come off the floor.

Environment Friendly Product
Environment friendly product by the use of the clean energy electricity

No Risk of Freezing
No risk of freezing because of the use of electric energy

High Durability and No Maintenance
No space because there is no boiler. Thanks to the double layer structure, it has high durability and it is not necessary to manage and maintain the system separately.

Uniform Temperature Distribution
Possible to shorten the construction time because it is easy to install locally

Infrared Radiation Heat
Possible to warm the room with infrared heat like solar heat which is the most desirable for health

Optimal Heating Circumstances
Easy-to-control heat release rate by adjusting the heating cable interval per area appropriate to the insulation environment (Possible to customize the optimal heating temperature)

Keep Head Cool and Legs Warm
Implement a heating system helpful to human health by keeping the head cool and legs warm

Safe and Pleasant Heating Environment
No smell or smoke. Implement a pleasant heating environment thanks to convenient and fast temperature control

Low Maintenance Fees
Sharp reduction in electricity fees in winter thanks to the use of the electric energy and night time electricity

A Variety of Applied Technologies
Wet and dry methods available
Possible to install any place such as house, office and business place (Available for tile, laminating floor, and oilpaper covered floor finish.)

- Implement the radiant heating environment
Convection (Heat transfer by heating the air)/ Conduction (Direct transmission of heat)
Possible to implement a more economic and pleasant heating environment
Cost efficiency compared to existing electronic underfloor heating systems (electronic panel, electro conductive textile)

Heating System Similar to Traditional Ondol System
A wet method as a heating structure similar to the traditional ondol, creates pleasant and comfortable heating by accumulating heat for a long time.

The most appropriate heating types for the human body
can be classified into hot water heating, hot air heating and air conditioning, and radiant heating with devices used for heating. To heat the indoor air, it is good to use devices in a form of convection heat system.
However, in the case of a residence, an underfloor heating system which allows radiant heating to make peoples legs feel warm and the head cool is the most desirable indoor heating system.

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can be classified into hot water heating, hot air heating and air conditioning,and radiant heating with devices used for heating
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