Imagine-Pc software

Privacy: With Imagine-Pc, your personal information is never left behind. When you unplug your IMAGINE-PC device from any host PC, all browsing history, Multimedia Player history, applications history, files and personal settings are removed along with it. Additionally, all the sensitive information that you want to protect, such as financial applications or your private communications, can be installed on your IMAGINE-PC device, keeping them off of your PC and inaccessible to anyone.Portability: IMAGINE-PC can be installed on your iPod, USB flash drive, or any other device with a USB drive like your USB-enabled mobile phone. Theres no need to lug your laptop along. IMAGINE-PC allows you to take all your communications, music, games, applications, and files with you, on a device that fits in your pocket! Playability: You dont have to limit yourself to playing your favorite PC games at home. IMAGINE-PC allows you to install the most popular PC and online games, and take them with you wherever you go. Just plug your IMAGINE-PC device into any Windows XP PC and launch your game with your settings and the state of your game from the last time you played. World of War craft at work& Ever quest II at your girlfriends& Half-Life at the family reunion& game on! And IMAGINE-PC will never leave a trace behind on the host PC. Protection of IT Policies: Install the applications that IT has not approved on your IMAGINE- PC device. Use your preferred browsers, communications software, and security applications without installing them on your work PC. Painless PC Sharing: Every user in your house can instantly have his or her personalized client experience on one PC without altering a single setting or file. With Imagine-Pc, not only can everyone keep their own applications, downloads, files, games, browser settings, MP3s and IM buddies off of the main hard drive, they can take those to any other PC and have the same user experience that they have at home. Power Supply: Use your IMAGINE-PC device to replicate your laptop, and never hibernate again. When one power supply is drained, simply plug IMAGINE-PC into another desktop or laptop PC and youre up and running again immediately. Personal Preferences: Easily toggle back and forth between your PC and your Imagine-Pc. Each presents you with whatever personal preferences and environment you have chosen for that system. You can keep your serious work view on your PC, and your fun play view on your Imagine-Pc, keeping them separate even when running them simultaneously. iPod Liberation: With Imagine-Pc, you can install iTunes and QuickTime on your iPod, plug into to any Windows XP PC, and download songs and Pod casts. Your iPod never needs to be dependent on a specific PC to get access to iTunes! PC Resurrection: Replicate your PC on a IMAGINE-PC device and use it as a secure back-up for your applications, files and preferences. If your PC goes RIP, simply plug in your IMAGINE-PC to a new laptop and be up and running immediately!

With Imagine-Pc, your personal information is never left behind.

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