USBTrace : Software-only USB Protocol Analyzer (software)

Export Captured Data & Detailed Device Information
Captured data can be exported as HTML, XML, Text or CSV reports. Detailed device information can also be exported. This feature will help you to document the device behavior as well as to share the captured data/device details in an easily readable form with others.

Supports device class decoding
USBTrace can decode class specific usb descriptors/requests and display detailed information regarding them. The classes currently supported are Hub, HID, Mass Storage, Bluetooth, Wireless USB HWA, Still Image Capture, Printer, Audio, Video, Smart Card & Vendor specific device class.

USBTrace also allows WDM driver developers to capture USB requests made/received by any device object in the USB device stack.

Displays valuable information for WDM device driver developers
The IRP, URB and IO_STACK_LOCATION structures associated with each captured request is decoded and displayed by USBTrace. Also, in addition to capturing URBs, USBTrace captures Internal USB IOCTLs, User mode USB IOCTLs, PnP and Power IRPs. See

Captures all USB requests during device enumeration
USBTrace is capable of capturing all USB requests exchanged between the host controller/hub and the device during device enumeration. See to know how USBTrace is different from other USB monitor software.

USBTrace does not use any filter drivers
Unlike other software analyzers, USBTrace does not use any filter driver to capture the USB requests. So USBTrace will not disturb/slow down the PnP system due to its presence.

Monitors USB requests at all levels
With USBTrace you can monitor USB requests at USB Host Controllers, USB Hubs and USB devices. The tool captures and displays USB Control, Bulk, Interrupt & Isochronous transfers.

Ease of use
With USBTrace you can monitor your devices very easily. Just select the device to be monitored and click 'capture'.

USBTrace is an invaluable tool for all those who develop firmware and drivers for devices which connect to the PC using the Universal Serial Bus.

We recommend that you see USBTrace in action to learn more about the features.

We offer 30 days money back guarantee for USBTrace, Free support and Free upgrades for 1 year.

USBTrace is an easy to use and powerful USB analyzer. USBTrace can monitor USB transactions at host controllers, hubs and devices. This is a 100% software product. USBTrace supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server and Windows Vista operating systems and works with USB 1.x and 2.0 (low, full and high speed) host controllers, hubs and devices.

USBTrace is an easy to use and powerful USB analyzer. USBTrace can monitor USB transactions

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