Chain Link Fencing and Gates

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Chain Link Fence System for Highway Security

We supply galvanised chain link fence panels and gates for construction highway fencing barrier system. Flexible chain link fences are widely used as access fencing on highway freeways to keep pedestrians, wild life, and vehicles off.

Chain Link Fencing for Highway Perimeter Security includes chain link fence panels, chain link gate, posts, tie wire and other accessories. Barbed wire or razor wire topping at customers options can be added along the fence panels to increase the security fencing level and anti climbing property.

Our galvanized chain link fences can be powder coated into green and other colors to create a beautiful view along the highway, motorway and railway roads.

Chain link fence height: 4 feet, 6 feet as most popular.

Plastic Coated Chain Link Fence

Poly or plastic powder coated chain link fences offer a multi color decorative options at comparatively higher cost. The color coated mesh fences mostly in green color also offer excellent corrosion resistance property exposed in weather and sea shore areas.

Fence Height-1.5m
Net Opening- 2 inch
Thickness Of Wire – 2.5mm(1”)
Posts/ Pillar (Galvanized)
Angle Thickness 3mm
Height – 2.5m
Holes – 5 holes (3 for fence fixing and 2 for protection line in the top)
Angle Curved – 85 Degree( 50mm)
Security Wire- 3360m (2mm)
Tying or Binding Wire- 1500rm length (2.5mm covered with Plastic)
Tying or Binding Wire- 5040rm length (3mm covered with Plastic)

Blacked Coated Chain Link Fence
Black Chain Link Fence
2.5"terminal post , 2" line post , 1-5/8 top rail , bottom coil wire

Chain Link Security Fence Hot Dipped Galvanised
Hot Dipped Galvanised Chain Link Fence with heavy zinc coating make popular highway road fencing.
Chain link mesh fabric made from ten gauge galvanised wire, standard conforming to AASHTO M 181.

Wire Mesh: 50mm x 50mm x 10 gauge
Surface: Hot Dip Galvanized AASHTO M 181.

Steel Posts
76Χ3, 60mm galvanized, length 3.3m with plate
Standard requirements:
Steel posts are bf copper bearing steel.
Material and finishes conform to the requirements of AASHTO M 183.

Steel Hardware for Fencing Fittings
Tension wire : 3.15mm diameter galvanized wire
Tie wire: 2mm steel wire for tying chain link mesh to posts
Nuts, bolts; washers and associated hardware are galvanized after fabrication, grade ASTM 153.

Chain Link Fencing and Gates
Chain link fencing fabrics are fastened to end, corner and gate posts with minimum 10 mm diameter steel stretcher bars and not less than 3 mm by 18 mm stretcher bar bands spaced at maximum 300 mm intervals. The fabric shall be fastened to line posts and tension wires with tie wires or post clips. The fasteners are spaced at maximum intervals of 500 mm.

Fence posts, braces, tension wires and all hardware and fittings in connection with the construction of the completed fences are supplied.

Gates: Single leaf and double leaf gates units.

Chain Link Fence with Barbed Wire

Wire mesh fence with one or more strands of barbed wire or chain link, depending on the wildlife to be kept off the roadway, for rural conditions where large and small animals exist

Chain link fence with strands of barbed wire mounted along fencing top is applied in rural areas to keep wild animals off the road. Barbed wire can be one strand, double strand or three strands installed through Y post above the fence panels.

Barbed Wire

Type: Double wire stranded barbed wire
Wire gauge: 12.5 gauge barb wire, 14 gauge barbs
Finish: Hot Dip zinc coating galvanized.
Standard requirements:
Barbed wire produced according to the requirements of ASTM A 121, Class I.
The barbed wire structure: Two strands of 12,5 gauge galvanised steel wire, twisted with two points, 14 gauge barbs spaced 10 cm apart.

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