Year Established:1998
Business Type:Manufacturer
Registration No:
Total Revenue:1000
Main Markets:Europe
Company Cetifications:
Country/Region: , Guangdong

Foshan Xinxingye Glass Co., Ltd. was established in Aug 2010 and its predecessor was Xinxingye Glass Co., Ltd., covering an
area of 45 acres, with plant area of 20,000m²; office building area of 2,000m²; dormitory area of 5,000m². It is located in No.6,
Huanzhen East Road, Guanglong Industrial Zone, Chencun Town, Shunde district, Foshan City. (i.e. 2,000 meters next to Shun-
lian Machinery City). We are specialized in high-end architectural safety glass and deep procession.
We mainly produce all kinds of safety glasses. Our factory is equipped with advanced glass deep-processing equipments. We
have Taiwan flat tempered glass production line,bending tempered glass production line, hollow sound insulation and heat in-
sulated glass production line, laminated glass production line,reflective glass production line, and bilateral computer milling ma-
chine with Italy automatic computer glass cutting system, point drilling equipment, etc. Our company can undertake all types of
production in different specification. Such as:Tempered glass,Bend tempered glass,Insulated glass,Laminated glass,reflective
glass,Bulletproof glass,Fireproof Glass and Decorative glass.
In the industry, four “ultra” (ultra-long,ultra-wide,low-iron,ultra-thickness) processing equipment shows the capability of our
company, which can produce and deep-process: 3-12mm, 15mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm with and ultra-long and ultra-thick-
ness glass.Tempered glass: 3 * 11 m. Bend tempered glass, arc length3.66m*3.3m and arc length2.44m*7m. Laminated glass,
3.3 m * 11 m. LOW-E glass, 2.44 m * 6 m. And also reflective glass, fire proof glass, insulated glass, bend laminated glass, bulg -
let-proof glass.
In order to intensify competitiveness and adapt the development demand of market, the company has actively communicated and
cooperated with companies in the glass industry. It has established strategic cooperative partnership with Shanghai Yaohua Pilk-
ington Glass Group Co.,Ltd.and has cooperated deeply with China South Glass Holding Co.,Ltd.and Xinyi Glass Holding Limited.,
so as to seek for opportunities of joint development and mutual benefit.
We have passed ISO9001: 2015 international quality management system certification, the national safety glass 3C certification.
Our company has strict management, excellent quality; high efficiency and comprehensive after-sales service which won trust
and support from home and abroad. Our products have been recognized in the domestic and international markets.
Located at central advantageous area of Zhujiang River Delta, our company possesses excellent trade environment and shipping
advantages,which provide a solid foundation for our products’ transportation and sale.This is also an important guarantee for
providing good services to our customers.
Confidence is resourced from our power.Confidence is resourced from our credit.
In the coming days,we will provide the high quality and perfect service to our customers.. We continue to innovate and to ensure
mutual progress with our customers, together towards a better future. We look forward to share the joy of success with the old
and new customers!