Year Established:2010
Business Type:
Registration No:
Total Revenue:1000000
Main Markets:
Company Cetifications:
Country/Region:Huizhou, China , Guangdong

We are a professional caster manufacturer. We only produce casters and caster components such as fork,wheels and so on.
Our casters are widely used in dollies, shopping cart, trolleys, conveyors and so on. We hope when you are rolling, you could remember us.

With many years of experience in casters, we are professional in designing, manufacturing, quality controling and also in helping our customers to select the most suitable caster. We are not producing the best casters and we believe there is no best caster. When choosing a caster, it is most important that you choose the suitable one, the one suit your budget, suit your performance requirement, suit the working environment and so on.

In designing, we are familiar with most of the products in the market and are capable of most of the popular product design in the market. And also we are capable and also good at reverse engineering.

In manufacturing, we have good experience in the production flow so that our delivery promise could always be.

In quality control, we understand that the quality is produced and our quality control system is incorperated with the production system.

More importantly, we are never satisfied with what we are today. We work hard for what we will be in the near future. We would never promise things that we could not achieve.