Zhongshan Colego Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

Company Introduction

1.Basic information
Company name: Zhongshan Colego Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Tel: 86-15767754099
Fax: 86-760-88819519
Web site: http://en.clg.com.cn/
Add: Guangfeng Industrial Zone, Shalang, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
Annual sales value: US$13.33 million
Number of employees: 160
Unionization: Yes
Type of business: manufacturer, researcher and developer
2. Countries and regions delivered: China, Egypt, Brazil, Pakistan, Israel, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, the Czech Republic, Japan, Mexico, the United States, Turkey, Argentina, Iran, Taiwan and Poland.
3. Major customers
3.1 Major domestic customers: Gree, Midea, Haier, Changhong, Hisense, Samsung, Oaks, Yilaite, Xinfei, Kelon, Welling Motor, Guangzhou Honda Automobile, Heyuan Liwang, Little Swan, Galanz, Xinchang Refrigeration, Enaiter, the Sino-Japanese joint venture Panasonic Motor, the Sino-Japanese joint venture Panasonic Wanbao, the Sino-Japanese joint venture of Panasonic air conditioners, the Sino-Japanese joint venture Sanhua, Sato Koki, the Sino-Japanese joint venture Yachiyo (auto parts), Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Dunan, Wan Jay refrigeration, Hope Technology, Skyee Optical Fiber Communication Technology, ZTT, Tiandi Optical Fiber Communication, Haixin Group, Cyber, South Asia, Fangyuan, Run-Da Industrial, Nanjing line, Yingdian, Chengdu Electrical Fittings Plant, Shouhang Industrial, Senshoon Electric Technology, Nanjing line Accessories manufacturer, Lu Qiang, Texin, Huaneng, CIMA, Yongu, Taichang, Tefa.
3.2 Major foreign customers: Modi Metal Industries, A.G.H Industries, Precision Tech Enterprises, Omega, E-Pack Polymers (P) Ltd., Marutinandan Engineers, Bluestar, Esskay, Brothers, El Mabrouk for Int'l Trade, Kakinuma, Saijo Denki, NBR, Sarbuz, Konveyor, Flamesttek, Refrex Amazń╣łnia Ind. e Com. De, Haier Pakistan, Dakin Pakistan, Electra, Mosterm Ltd., Toyota Czekh, Flair Nagao, Multicontrol S.A. Talleres Metalurgicos Bambisa, Kiyan Mobtaker Pars Co., Lexi Technology Inc., Inwent Technology Grzegorz Zolkowski.
4. Major products
4.1 Air-conditioning industry and other hardware industries condenser and evaporator processing equipment: tube expanding machine, non-shrinkage tube expanding machine, vertical tube expanding machine, horizontal tube expanding machine, hairpin tube bending machine, small U tube bending machine, condenser bending machine, evaporator bending machine (G-, O-, C-, U-type, etc.), evaporator cutting and forming machine, full-automatic hairpin tube bending machine, full-automatic small U tube bending machine, auto lantern ring machine, auto welding machines, nitrogen blower, etc.
Air conditioning tube fitting processing equipment, air-conditioning matching tube plant processing equipment: 3D CNC tube bending machine, auto loading and unloading bending machine, chipless auto tube cutting machine, tube end forming machine, three-station tube end forming machines, five station tube end forming machines, multi-station tube forming machine, T-hole processing machine, flute-tube processing machines, solar collector tube processing equipment, CNC spinning machine, glasses tube processing machine, double-headed CNC bending machine, capillary tube cutting machine, spiral tube machines, necking machine, sealing machine.
4.2 Auto production line and accessories manufacturing equipment: automotive steering system equipment (providing for Toyota), large frame welding pallet, parts welding deck, automotive seat production line, oil tank production line (providing for Honda), window production deck.
4.3 Transmission and distribution engineering fittings production equipment, preformed armor rods production equipment, preformed armor rods strain clamp production equipment, armor rods production equipment.
4.4 Motor production dedicated equipment: motor stator deburring machine, motor stator welding machine, oil seal machine, magnetic stripe forcer, shaft cap forcer, core grid forcer, forming machine, crimping machine, high speed boring machine, riveting pressure machine, etc.
4.5 Aerial composite material complete sets of dedicated equipment: impregnating machine, stretcher, auto stacking machine, slicing machine, glue spreader, surrounding saws, paper cutting machine, stretching forming and curing tool.
4.6 Nomex honeycomb core.
5. Our company has passed the accreditation of ISO9000, certification firm: HSL. quality control system meets the standard of GB/T19001-2008idt ISO9001:2008.
6. Our major equipment: processing center, planer-type milling machine, planer-type milling machine, drilling machine, lathe, CNC lathe, assembly deck, detection deck, 3D measuring machine, grinding machine, welding machine, shearing and bending machine, bending machine and hoisting crane.
7. Technical level certification
7.1 46 patents: 25 items of the functional, 15 items of inventions, 6 items of extrinsic feature, 1 item of computer soft ware.
7.2 We have 8 provincial level key new products, 1 national level key new product, 6 products of municipal scientific and technological advance rewards and 1 provincial level new product.
7.3 We undertake 1 item of national torch plan, 6 items of provincial of technical innovation and 8 items of city level technical innovation.

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