Hangzhou Hpwinner Opto Corporation

Company Introduction

Hangzhou HPWINNER Opto Corporation is committed to building a fully functional customization system for global outdoor lighting industry. With advanced energy-saving lighting technology, it could tailor individualized solutions for an enormous variety of different outdoor lighting conditions.  HPWINNER was established in July, 2011, and has grown up to a staff of over 800. In March, 2018, its smart manufacturing base went into operation, with factory buildings of over 90,000 square meters. Based on its self-developed platform Industry 4.0, HPWINNER is enabled to enjoy advantages in industrial chain from designing, tooling, die casting, precision machining, SMT, to luminaire assembly, and to share with customers through products and services with precise customization and rapid delivery. The company owns 647 patents, including 54 inventions. It is widely acknowledged as a leading enterprise in the lighting industry, an active inventor of new techniques, and a dominant formulator of national and association standards.

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