Deren(Suzhou) Biotech Co.,ltd Deren(Suzhou) Biotech Co.,ltd

Company Introduction

Deren (Suzhou) Biotech Co.,Ltd. a professional and highly reputable company in the fields of fine chemical and plant extraction. We have several manufacturing and processing factory that provide constant sound quality products.
We are specialized in supply cosmetic raw materials; food additives; health care products and Pharmaceutical intermediates such as benzophenone, soya lecithin, tea saponin, tung oil, conjugated linoleic acids, marigold extract, rosemary extract, methol crystal……
Now we are commanding a ready market in South Asia countries like Bangladesh, Thailand, Pakistan; West Asia countries like Turkey; African countries like South Africa, Senegal etc.
We believe that you will easily find what exactly you want from our company, which is composed of professional R&D team and experienced sales team; We will meet you in any requirements.
Our motto is "Take natural and green as resources; Take sincerity and integrity as our primary; Take Cooperation to share our special products, best quality and best price".

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