KARNJANA MEKUL. PLC Manufacturer,Trading Company,Distributor/Wholesaler

Company Introduction

We are an International Company base on Thailand and we deal on all kind of Edible cooking Oil, A4 Copy Paper 80gsm, Halal Frozen Chicken & Parts,Sunflower, Palm ,SoyaBean ,Corn Oil,White / Brown Icumsa Suger,Long / Short Grain White, Brown Rice, ostrich chicks and eggs and our service is one of the best in the world we also deliver to buyer destination and give shipment discount also with
avoidable price for more information do contact us.Our company is an independent manufacturer and exporter of Edible oil products. specializing in sourcing, refining and delivering edible oil to small specialist
companies and multi-nationals all over the world.

1,Refined Sunflower Oil CIF Per M/T 400$
2,Refined Soybean Oil........CIF Per M/T 450$
3,Refined Vegetable Oil........CIF Per M/T 350$
4,Refined Corn Oil.......CIF Per M/T 350$
5,Refined Palm Oil.......CIF Per M/T 5400$
6 Refined Coconut Oil.......CIFPer M/T 330$ &
7, Oliver Oil Refined CIF Per M.T $500usd
8 Sugar ICUMSA 45, EU 500$

Sessame Oil
Corn Oil
Vegetable oil
Soya bean Oil
Sunflower oil
Jatropha Oil
Crude Rapeseed oil and many more..

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