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Company Introduction

Jiangsu Mingchem combined biotechnology limited company founded in 2012, is located in the science and education city, Changzhou City, Changzhou "Dragon city talents program" third returning leading talents led the founder of high-tech innovation enterprise, specializing in innovative drugs, foreign high-end medical raw materials research and development, pharmaceutical intermediate production and marketing of high-end high-tech biological pharmaceutical enterprises. At present, the company has a research staff of more than 30 people, including returnees postdoctoral 2, pH 3, master 6.
Company has been focusing on cooperation with universities, Zhejiang University College of chemistry and chemical engineering research cooperation base, students practice base in Jiangsu Province, Beijing University of chemical technology centre for drug research and development. Products are mainly involved in active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates and electronic chemicals in four directions.
Company is through the ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 system inspection, has a strong new product development ability, abundant production experience and strict confidentiality. Products are exported to Europe, America and Asia, with high quality products and satisfactory service, companies with customers at home and abroad to establish a broad and good relations of cooperation. With innovation, win-win and development as the business goals of the company, 2012 zhanhua purun pharmaceutical industry have established a strategic partnership to jointly invest to create purun pharmaceutical production base in Shandong province, for the commercialization of the company's products provide a powerful guarantee.
While the company attention and commitment to our clients, the nurturing of talents and develop, we provide complete market education and training, career planning, compensation and benefits, good working conditions, staff grow with the company, and into the future. http://www.mingchemical.com

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