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Company Introduction

Dear Sir,
We take the pleasure to introduce our company, Naushie Exports a well established International Trading company started in the year 1993 , having head office at 55, New Street, Kottar, Nagercoil and branch at Tuticorin , India. dealing with Food Items, grains, pulses, Fresh Fruits, vegetables, Coir products , Chemicals and metals .. Having wide marketing net work distribution centers around all over India and overseas countries . We are listed as top ten companies in Tuticorin customs revenue zone by Government of India , and Natioanl award winner of 2006-07 and 2008 as the best state level exporters in India awarded by Indian Government .

In export sector we are dealing with number of products which meets international standards and we can supply these products at a very competitive price in bulk quantities regularly , in this sector ,We are interested in establishing long time business relation ship with overseas companies. we can give guarantee for the quality, regular supply, immediate shipments with out any delay,
Our Fresh Cavendish Banana Division one of the largest in India with own cultivation and packing division , exporting at an average of 300 containers per month
Our construction supply division handling bulk shipments of cement , blue metals, GGBS, FLY ASH, Marbles, Granite, , iron , steel products , other non ferrous metal products , Ceramic tiles and other related products to Middle East countries .
Our Paper division exports all kinds of writing and printing papers and other paper products to Middle East and African region.,

We are one of a major exporters of fresh shell egg to Middle East market and African market. and our Fresh Banana division is number 1 in India , regularly exporting huge quantities to Eastern European and Middle East countries. And We are regularly exporting Indian Apples, pomegranate, Orange, lemon , papaya, Mango , Pine Apples and other Indian Vegetables to Middle East, Asian and European countries.
Also our coir fiber division one of the largest one in India . exporting huge quantities to China , Korea and Japan .
to Middle east and African countries .
We trust you will find our product's of interest and you will give us an opportunity to be of supply to your firm..
Kindly contact us for more information about our requirements
and supply .

List of export products
Food items :
1. Non- Basmati Rice
2. Spices-Turmeric, Pepper, Chillies, Dry Ginger etc
3. Tamarind
4. Sesame seeds
5. Tapioca starch
6. Fresh Coconuts and products
7. Rice flakes
8. Agro chemicals
9. Natural Honey
10. Fresh Vegetables- Onions, Potatoes etc
11. Fresh Fruits (Banana ,Pomegranate , Papaya, Orange , , Lemons Etc)
12. Fish Meal
13. Rice flour
14. Pulses and peas
16. Castor Oil
17. Ground Nut
18. Cashew Nut
19. Fresh Eggs
20. Biscuits & confectioneries.
21.Baking Powder and other food ingredients.
23. Medicines and All pharmaceutical prodcuts

Apart from these items we can also supply the following Non Food items:
1. Coir Products - Coir fiber ,mattress, , coir pith block, Coir Geo Textiles .
2. Natural Rubber
3. Glass products
4. Fishing Nets - mono and multi
5. Fabrics and Garments , T-shirts , ladies tops, mens shirts, briefs, underwear, kids wear, night wears etc
6. Sanitary fittings
7. Herbal Products
8. Fertilizers ( Organic)
9. paddy straw
10. Aluminium house hold products and industrial supplies
11. Animal feed
12. Corucated carton ( Packing materials)
13 . Paper and paper products
14. Automobile Tyre and accessories.
15. Industrial salt and iodized salt
16. Garnet sand and other rare minerals like Quartz, Mica , Calcite ,
Dolomite and China clay
17. Granite and marble rough blocks and polished slabs and tiles .
18. PVC Pipe , hose and accessories
19. Fly Ash ASTM618 Grade , for construction purpose
20. Iron and steel products likes wires, nails, screws , sheets, rods,
Pipes, Cold Roll Formed Section , Channels, Angles etc
21. Construction machines and products ,
22. Machine tools , heavy duty lathe , drilling machines ,wood working machines , grinder, etc
23,Electrical wires, cables, switches, Electrical pipe fittings ,and all
other electrical industrial products .
24. Dry Batteries
25.Electrical generators and inverters .
26. Micro Silica
27. Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

List of Import products.

1. Aluminum scrap, Copper scrap and other non ferrous metals
2. Raw Cotton
3. Copper and brass scrap
4. Dry fruits, nuts and Dates
5. Food Items.
6. HDPE and LDPE virgin and recycled raw material
7. Ceramic tiles
8. fresh fruits &vegetables
9. fennel and Cumin seed other spices
10. Fruit juices and concentrates
11. paraffin wax , slack wax
12. Paper and paper products
13. Oil cakes
14. construction items
15. Pulses and Bean
16. petroleum products
17. confectionery
18. mdf boards
19. wood and wooden products
20. Stock Lot Garments

Thank you
Yours sincerely
For Naushie Exports

NAGERCOIL - 629002

PHONE: 91 - 4652 - 240482

FAX: 91 - 4652 - 245206.


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