Company Introduction

We are focus on custom shoes included customize sneakers. And actually, we are dropshipping company.

What's Dropship?
Dropshipping is a type of selling in which the seller does not need to buy or store any stock, but instead uploads our catalogue onto your site, your Amazon, Ebay or even Facebook page, then your friends and customers decide to place an order, the order is passed on to us and we deal with the rest, we ship the items right to your customers door. So what's in it for sellers? Cash of course! Sellers make a tidy profit off every salr...Many sellers on eBay are using our drop shipping service. Typically, after the seller has sold an item, the seller would place an order with us and we will ship the products directly to the winning buyer. The seller profits from the difference between the winning bid and the wholesale price, minus any selling and merchant fees from eBay and Paypal.

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