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Automatic transformer winding machine

Description: HAO-130 automatic transformer winding machine for current transformer is the new generation of winding equipment according to the power industry requirement and present manual winding technology of current transformer. Automatic transformer winding machine unique ...

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Automatic coil Winding Machine for transformers

1.Distance of disc. center from floor: 1210mm. 2.Disc. dia.: Ф560mm. 3.Max. pitch of strand: 600kg , max. torque (8r/m)6000Nm, min. wrest torque(40r/m) 2500Nm. 4.Max. load: 650kg. 5.4 kinds of speed range: 0-8, 0-16, 0-20, 0-40r/m. 6.Each speed starts from 0r/m ...

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Dirake automatic transformer coil winding machine GRX-800

Usage: Widely Used in Distribution Transformer, Dry Transformer,Reactor and Similar Process of HV Coil Winding. Composition: Winding Host Automatic Wire Guide Traversing Mechanism Insulation Layer Decoiler Round Wire and Flat Wire Decoiler with Tension Control PLC Control ...

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