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ООО Миньян – оптовые и мелкооптовые пос тавки запасных частей с доставкой по Ро ссии и странам СНГ. Наша компания уже в течении 10 лет успешн о ...

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Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. established in 1998, is a Science and technology corporation which is engaged in production, R & D, and sales of silicone rubber. It sets up Hong Kong Hongye Ltd., Shenzhen Hongye silicone rubber Factory and other affiliated enterprises in 2005. ...

Address:Building A,No.3, Hongling First Road, Liulian Shibi,Pingdi Street, Longgang, Shengzhen, Guangdong, China

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Huzhou Dp Industry Co., Ltd

DP is a professional company, dedicated in the manufacture and distribution of high technology PRODUCTS and the professional supplier for excellent SERVICES. The main PRODUCTS we are dealing with is the drives and controls for all applications from large industrial applications, ...

Address:No.16F16 OF LiHu Central Plaza, Changxing County , Huzhou city, ZheJiang, China

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Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co.,Ltd

SINO SCULTPURE CO is large fine art sculpture fabrication enterprise in Beijing, China. We are specialized in public art sculpture fabrication. Our factory covers the area of the 3 hectare (30000m2) near the Beijing capital Airport. SINO SCULPTURE CO is nominated sculpture ...

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Jiangsu Pinytex Textile Dyeing & Finishing Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu Pinytex Textile Dyeing & Finishing Co.,Ltd, Changzhou Wujin Newstar Yarn Dyed mill locates in the Jiangsu Wujin Textile Industrial Park, the registered amount is 150 million RMB. Yangtze River Delta, which covers over 80000©O. The traffic of our company is very ...

Address:NO.165 South Qingyang Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

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Dong Tou Huagan Electric Co.,Ltd

Dong Tou Huagan Electric Co.,Ltd is an enterprise,which is specialized in manufacturing, marketing and R&D of sensor, Inductive Proximity Sensor, Inductive Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Capacitive proximity sensor and so on. The product is widely used in electronic and electric, ...

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