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Etizolam Synonyms :AHR 3219;Depas;Etizolam;Y 7131 Molecular Formula:C17H15ClN4S Molecular Formula: 342.8458 CAS:40054-69-1 Appearance: white or yellow crystals Express:FedeEx, EMS, HKEMS, TNT, DHL, UPS Term...

Post by mona wang [Chemicals] @2016-05-17 09:09:02

1,1’-Sulfonyldiimidazole cas:7189-69-7


Post by eason zhu [Chemicals] @2016-05-15 15:01:52

1-Pivaloyl-1H-imidazole CAS:4195-19-1


Post by eason zhu [Chemicals] @2016-05-15 15:01:10

1,2-Dimethylimidazole CAS:1739-84-0


Post by eason zhu [Chemicals] @2016-05-15 15:00:19

1-Benzylimidazole CAS:4238-71-5


Post by eason zhu [Chemicals] @2016-05-15 14:59:32

N-acetylimidazole CAS:2466-76-4


Post by eason zhu [Chemicals] @2016-05-15 14:58:44

imidazole-1-carbaldehyde CAS:3197-61-3


Post by eason zhu [Chemicals] @2016-05-13 10:03:47

1-Pentyl-1H-imidazole cas:19768-54-8


Post by eason zhu [Chemicals] @2016-05-13 10:02:47

1-Butylimidazole CAS:4316-42-1


Post by eason zhu [Chemicals] @2016-05-13 10:01:53

1-prop-2-enylimidazole cas:31410-01-2


Post by eason zhu [Chemicals] @2016-05-13 10:00:56

1-Isopropylimidazole CAS:4532-96-1


Post by eason zhu [Chemicals] @2016-05-13 09:58:02

Looking for Adhesive Sealant Distributors All Over The World.

Adhesive, Sealant, polyurethane, silicone, epoxy, silicone gel, silicone grease, thermal grease, two part silicone, two part epoxy, lubricating grease, windshield adhesive, auto glass adhesive, silicone sealant, road filling adhesive,...

Post by Sepna Wang [Chemicals] @2016-05-12 15:18:48

KT board notching cutter/ portable manual KT board cutter

Application Material: KT board. Cutting Angel: 45°/120°(To make triangle or cube). Working with advertising ruler, achieve a better effect.

Post by chen li [Packaging & Printing] @2016-05-11 13:41:58

Manual paper trimmer MT02

Application Material: advertising materials, decorative materials, paper panels….Adjustable cutting depth, up to 12mm. Working Length Specification: 0.7m, 1m, 1.3m, 1.6m, 2m.

Post by chen li [Packaging & Printing] @2016-05-11 13:40:23

Semi-automatic acrylic bending machine/

Acrylic bending machine is also called plastic plate bending machine, soften and bend the plastic plate by heating.

Post by chen li [Packaging & Printing] @2016-05-11 13:39:38

media dryer h7

Adopted far-infrared heating tube and fans, wind and hot air drying, balanced air-out, adjustable temperature, low power consumption and high efficiency. Independent stand, apply to any printer.

Post by chen li [Packaging & Printing] @2016-05-11 13:38:50

Independent media dryer/heater H6 for printers

Wind and hot air drying, constant temperature control, low power consumption, even exhaust, high efficiency. Independent stand, apply to any printer.

Post by chen li [Packaging & Printing] @2016-05-11 13:38:03

Textile take up system& feeding system/fabric printer C2

Chemical fabrics without elasticity, such as advertising banners, flags, chiffon, etc.. Print graphics on the fabric, then complete the sublimation by sublimation machine or other fixation machine. Constant tension, automatic...

Post by chen li [Packaging & Printing] @2016-05-11 11:00:14

feeding system k8

Universal linking slab,easily fixed on the printers' feet.Apply to any printer with good bearing. Double-pipe structure, damped slipping feeding, adjustable torque.

Post by chen li [Packaging & Printing] @2016-05-11 10:59:20

Automatic feeding system F3

The first feeding system with inductive tension and track design in domestic. Motor drive, neat feeding, durable life. Adopt the inductive tension structure, ensure stretch the graphics smoothly in the feeding process, also applies to...

Post by chen li [Packaging & Printing] @2016-05-11 10:58:11