Asparagus Tea,

My name is Mr. Lawrence wang who owns a cherry farm located in Yantai city, China. We can have a fresh cherry harvest every year. If you really need fresh cherry supply, please do not hesitate to contact me by email, ph or fax in April --June every year.

Also we can supply other agricultural products like Handicraft, Asparagus Tea, Cotton Lu Brocade, etc.

Welcome toYantai city for your pleasured purchase.  

Our company is supplying Fresh Cherry in April-June every year and Handicraft, Asparagus Tea, Cotton Lu Brocade

  • Type:Fruit Tea
  • Processing Type:Fresh
  • Country:China (Mainland)
  • telephone:86-535-6824840
Type: Fruit Tea
Processing Type: Fresh
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Micro Green Tea Powder

Introduction: The product uses tender tea leaves as raw material, then to dehydrate them and to crush them into powder of 200mesh in low temperature, which can keep the natural nutrients, the elements of medicine effectiveness and natural characters of tea. Micro Green Tea ...

Come From Hangzhou Choisun Bio-tech Co.,LTD

Instant Green Tea Powder

Introduction: Selecting steamed tea, panned tea and baked tea from Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangxi as raw material. It is made after the process of extraction at low temperature, keep smell, reverse osmosis concentration and spray dried with low temperature by modern technology. ...

Come From Hangzhou Choisun Bio-tech Co.,LTD

Green Tea Seed Oil

1. Introduction Green Tea Seed Oil, also called Camellia sinensis oil,is an organic healthy plant oil refined by pure physical means from selected,unshelled,cold-pressing seeds of green tea plants.These plants grow up on high cold mountains without being polluted by chemicals ...

Come From Hangzhou Choisun Bio-tech Co.,LTD

Tea Saponin Powder

Tea Saponin, a glycoside compound extracted from camellia tea seeds is ecellet eatural nonionic active surfactant. It can be widely used in pesticide, cutivtion, txtile, daily chemicals, arthitectural field, medical field and So on. ...

Come From Hangzhou Choisun Bio-tech Co.,LTD

tea circular screening machine tumbler screen

Advantage: 1. 5 times output compared with common sieving machine. 2. Stable screen motion even under full load. 3. Tumbling movement indefinitely adjustable, resulting in precise control of residence time on the screen,capacity and screening efficiency can be coordinated and ...

Come From Henan Efficient Technology Co., Ltd.

Custom Heat Resistant Water Proof Coffee Pad Soft PVC Embossed Logo Tea Cup Mat Set

Name:PVC Mat Material:soft PVC Color:transparent, colorful Size:e.g. (L)10cm*(W)10cm Thickness:3mm-5mm Process:injection Print:UV printing Usage:promotion gift, stationery, commodity, bar, etc. Other:provide customized services If you are interested in ...

Come From Wenzhou Morekey Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

tea seed meal

Tea seed meal, is 100% organic fertilizer that derived from camellia oleifera seeds. The content of active ingredient, tea saponin is more than 15%. Tea seed meal is widely applied in expelling earthworms, cutworms, snails, slugs, helping shrimp/crab molt and kill unwanted ...

Come From Biosenca Co., Ltd.

Camellia oleifera seed oil, tea seed oil

Camellia oleifera oil, also known as tea seed oil, is a fatty oil extracted from Camellia oleifera seeds. It is also an ancient native vegetable oil in China.It is a precious tea oil that contains many original substances that cannot be found in other plants. Camellia oil is ...

Come From Biosenca Co., Ltd.

Liquid tea saponin

Liquid tea saponin is an organic extract of camellia seeds after cold pressing with active content saponin for over 30%. It is wildely used as Surfactant in hair care and degetent Works well in killing Golden Apple Snail in rice farms. Killing earthworms, snails, slugs and ...

Come From Biosenca Co., Ltd.

tea saponin powder

Tea saponin powder is extracted from camellia oleifera seeds with saponin content more than 60%. Tea saponin powder is extract from camellia seeds which is a perfect Surfactant in construction area. Natural killer of earthworms and other pests. Used to turfs, golf courses, ...

Come From Biosenca Co., Ltd.