Hi-Kleen Systems :wastewater treatment

Simple and fast installation
No noise and odor nuisance
Small land area required
Aesthetical view
Less excavation
Adaptable to site conditions
High and reliable treatment efficiency
Can be upgraded if needed
Simple and low cost in operation and maintenance

Made of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) which has the characteristics of water-tightness, light weight, corrosion resistance and high strength and tenacity, the Hi-Kleen systems process the following advantages:



There are more than 50 standard models of Hi-Kleen designed to suit small and medium scale development projects ranging from 31 to 5,000 populations equivalent (PE). These projects include housing and commercial projects, hospital resort, factory, military camp, police depot, bus terminal, shopping complex, university/school, highway rest area/toll plaza, petrol station etc.

The Hi-Kleen system adopts the modified activated sludge process basically uses the micro-organisms in suspension to oxidize soluble and colloidal organic matters in the presence of molecular oxygen, induced by air compressors (see overleaf).


The Hi-Kleen system is a high performance sewage treatment plant prefabricated by Pembinaan Jayabumi (Sarawak) Berhad (PJSB) for treating domestic wastewater. The effluent quality meets the Environment Quality Act 1974, Standard A (BOD < 20 ppm and SS < 50 ppm) as well as the latest Guidelines of Sewerage Services Department and Indah Water Konsortium.


  • Country:Malaysia
  • telephone:60-603-7847-5740
The Hi-Kleen system is a high performance sewage treatment plant prefabricated
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