1. The Win-Studio device
2. 5 White photo pads / flat padded stands
3. USB converter
4. Network cable
5. Installation CD
6. User Manual
7. Warranty
8. AC Adapter of 100-240V

Included in the Kit:

Image Format: JPG (Adjust Compression Levels)
Animation Format: Gif
Image Resolution: Varies from up to 1216 x 912 pixels
Maximum Object Size: 25 x 20 cm. The Winshelf is perfect for small objects such as jewellery and watches.
Minimum Macro Distance: 1 mm
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Vista
Computer Interface: USB or Ethernet
Unit Size: 40.5 X 48.5 X 29.5 cm
Voltage Power: 100-240V
File Size Produced: For JPG images it depends on the image size and the content. E.g. image of 520x390 (usually almost half a screen) is usually approximately 100Kb. With animation images the file size depends on the number of images and image size. E.g. an animated GIF with 3 images (in one picture) of size 520 x 390 takes about 130Kb.
Light Colour Temperature: The Win-Studio uses almost pure white light, with some warm elements
PC Requirements for Smooth Operation of Win-Studio: Dual core CUP (we recommend Intel E8400, 1 or 2 MB Ram and 10MB disk space.
Win-Studio Camera Resolution: Approximately 1 Mega pixel


Creates Internet-ready images quickly and easily.
Connects to your office network.
Lets you control positioning, lighting and focus settings via your computer using the special Winshelf software.
Multiple long-lasting LED illumination.
Built-in color correction software.
Creates animated images on-the-fly.
The Win-Studio camera view opens in Skype so you can view an item inside the unit in video format (useful for describing items to suppliers or customers)
The image quality on the other side of the Skype call will depend on the receiver's screen quality. There is a control window that displays the transmitted image in real time.
Animated GIF images can be generated by the Win-Studio and can be uploaded to EBay, just like regular JPG images.
The time taken to create an animated GIF depends on the number of images in the sequence being captured. Multiply the number of images by the time taken to capture one image in order to define the time taken to create the animation.
The light colour is pure white
The white balance on the Win-Studio works more like a 'grey-balance'. You can adjust it by pointing the mouse on the background and the image colour changes so that the background becomes grey. Similarly you can play with saturation in a more detailed fashion - when you point with the mouse and right mouse click on a colour, the colour and the nearest colours will become grey.


In a nutshell, this incredible integrated desktop photo studio invention is all you need to produce sharp, highly-detailed images for use on the internet. You dont need a huge studio space and an endless supply of fancy equipment to produce that ultra-professional finish in your photos, here we are offering you a studio in a compact box, and the results will undoubtedly blow you away

Win-Studio can be connected to Skype with a single click, allowing you to introduce the item in a video conversation over the internet for the purpose of sale or explanation.

The time saving is significant no preparation of a room for photography and no need to wait while images download from the camera to the computer. The files produced by this device are small, saving disk space and shortening procedures of processing and file sending. The light file size is adapted especially for the internet. It is also possible to photograph pictures or animations showing 360 degrees of a product.

This studio removes the need for photo post production and editing. It includes built in tools for image adjustment. In addition picture adjustment is done while photographing and allows true comparison of the item's colours to the pictures colours. Using advanced sophisticated algorithms, Win-Studio allows you to set up a professional photo shoot, adjust illumination and lighting settings, and perform post-processing of images quickly and accurately. Additionally you can add logo / text and even crop and rotate you image.

Operating the Win-Studio can be easy learnt in a matter of minutes the software and device communicate naturally and the interface is user friendly. Its unique photographing system ensures fast pictures of small items at even the closest range with the ultimate depth of field. In your photos you can achieve a result where the entire image is sharp and clear no matter how close-up you get. This result is enabled as the Win-Studio takes over 100 images of your item with different depths in focus, and then stitches them together to create one, perfectly sharp and in focus image.

After putting an object into the unit you can set up the lighting characteristics and camera positioning desired for this item and save these definitions. By saving the set up you can reuse it when photographing similar objects. You can save an infinite amount of definitions / set ups, ultimately saving yourself much time and effort.

The chosen object is totally isolated from outside lighting allowing you to use this device in any given environment. It is particularly useful in ordinary office environments where there is not a lot of space dedicated to photography or optimal conditions for a photographic studio area. Simply connecting the device to any computer via USB or network port and performing the Win-Studio software installation will allow you to work with this device.

The Win-Studio has all the needed elements for photographing small items such as jewellery and watches, and outputting these images to the internet. These elements include a built in camera, lighting, an engine system and software. The LED lighting set up consists of approximately 300 LED lights and is built to last forever. The multiple long-lasting LEDs maintain a proper illumination setting.

Winshelf - Studio Winshelf photography studio is a compact table sized device that produces high quality, light weight catalogue images for the internet (or print) in a matter of seconds. Forget about flash units, expensive macro lenses and hours of colour correction in Photoshop with the Win-Studio you can finish the photographic process all in one shot.


The Win-Studio Winshelf photography studio is a compact table sized device that produces high quality, light weight pictures

  • Video Capture:Yes
  • Megapixel:5.0MP Below
  • Optical Zoom:please read
  • Screen Size:On your computer
  • Color:White
  • Type:Winshelf
  • Specials:Small picture studio
  • Image Stabilization:Yes
  • Place of Origin:Israel
  • Color:White
  • Video Capture:No
  • Image Stabilization:No
  • MegaPixel:10.0 - 20.0MP
  • Type:Compact
  • Brand Name:Winshelf
  • Country:United Kingdom
  • telephone:44-20-81233881
Delivery Time: 30 days
Package: Ready for B&C shipping
Supply Ability: 500 Piece/Pieces per Month
Image Stabilization: Yes
Place of Origin: Israel
Color: White
Video Capture: No
Image Stabilization: No
MegaPixel: 10.0 - 20.0MP
Type: Compact
Brand Name: Winshelf
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