* Susceptible to downy mildew and use of systemic fungicide is recommended.

* Mean yields are 4-8 metric tons per da under normal conditions.

* Pneumatic planter is recommended and 500-800 grams of seeds per da are used.

* Rings have white color and are sweet. Storage period is very short, hence it is recommended to direct marketing for consumption after harvest.

* Bulbs weights are 140 to 160 under normal conditions and have tight necks.

* Well adapted to temperate zone climate like Mediterranean, Aegean, and Marmara localities in Turkey. Seeding periods for these areas are from September to November, and harvested from April to June depending on the location.

* Requires 150-160 days from seeding to harvest, and earlier than the cultivar Hazar.

* Light brown skin color, thin and weak skin.  Bulb is round with flattened top and has low soluble solid content.

Short day variety.

The earliest harvest, the highest yield

  • Hybrid:No
  • Model Number:1
  • Brand Name:SEYHAN
  • Place of Origin:Turkey
  • Certification:STANDART
  • Color:Yellow
  • Type:Onion Seeds
  • Country:Turkey
  • telephone:90-266-7132870
Hybrid: No
Model Number: 1
Brand Name: SEYHAN
Place of Origin: Turkey
Certification: STANDART
Color: Yellow
Type: Onion Seeds
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Ginger & Garlic & Onion Powder Processing Production Line

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