PALAMITO facile Longline

Never again  problems of tangling  baits stuck together rebel spirals of line - hooks in the bottom of the basket...

By request we can provide for the coupler AB1 in order to exploit the base with cup coupling  present on the boat or the BIC1 we propose  the adapter AP1 to exploit a rod holder.

In order to fasten the rotation axis of PALAMITOFACILE on the boat we provide for the nylon base ZFS that has to be screwed down on the ship's side by means of four stainless screws.

In the same way the model with 60 hooks can be composed of two independent long-lines with 30 hooks each one. This model (30+30) is the best thing  for those who fish in the french territorial waters, where there is the limit of utilization of two long-lines with 30 hooks for each fisherman at the most.

The model with 100 hooks can be made of two independent long-lines with 50 hooks each one, they are connected by means of a snap swivel and gathered on a device.

The versatility of PALAMITOFACILE

It is possible to make changes by request to the PALAMITOFACILE both by choosing the nylon diameter and the hook's size, and the distance between the arms and their length.

Changes by request

Hooks 2315 dt: from n

Special device for sport fishing with longline setline (100 hooks max)

  • for longline fishing: size 15, 25, 30, 50, 60, ...
  • Special device:Patented
  • Type:Boat Fishing
  • Model Number:PF100A
  • Brand Name:DANIK MARINE
  • Place of Origin:Italy
  • Country:Italy
  • telephone:0039-0982-48069
Payment Terms: T/T
Port: Gioia Tauro
for longline fishing: size 15, 25, 30, 50, 60, 100 hooks
Special device: Patented
Type: Boat Fishing
Model Number: PF100A
Place of Origin: Italy
  • ubenshalom@Israel,2016-09-07 23:42:44
  • darick.santiago9@United States,2020-02-06 23:36:59
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