Refined Rapeseed Oil (Canola Oil)

11. Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA) is signed between all parties involved 

10. Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA) is signed between all parties involved

add to the procedure

   If there are some Brokers, Mandates or Agents in a Contract, the below items will

9. Shipment begins as per contract

8. Seller issues 2% PBG to activate the LC.

7. Seller will provide POP to the Buyer's Bank.

6. Buyer issues a non operative LC and provides POF to the Seller's Bank

5. Hard copies of SPC to be issued by Seller and exchange with Buyer

4. Buyer signed and sealed SPC and return it back to Seller

3. Seller issues the draft Sales & Purchase Contract (SPC) to the Buyer

2. Seller issues FCO to be confirmed by the Buyer

    of a soft probe with BCL or ICPO 

1. Buyer sends a signed and sealed LOI with complete banking information & authorization



              11. Beneficiary's Certificate

              10. Shipping Company Statement

              9. Insurance policy for 110% of Cargo                   

              8. Certificate of Clean Holds-Hatches

              7. Packing List

              6. Commercial Invoice(s)

              5. Ocean Bill of Lading


       In CIF Sales and Purchase Contract, in addition to above Documents, Seller supply below Documents for Buyer:


      Other Documents if needs to be provided by Seller according to The Sales and Purchase Contract


              4. Certificate of Non-Radiation

              3. Certificate of Weight, Quantity and Quality

              2. Certificate of Phytosanitary

              1. Certificate of Origin


       In FOB Sales and Purchase Contract, Seller supply below Documents for Quality Assurance Product:



Refined Rapeseed Oil, Crude Rapeseed Oil 

Refined Palm Oil, RBD Palm Kernel Oil, R.B.D organic palm oil, Crude Palm Oil


Refined Cottonseed Oil, RBWD Cottonseed Oil, Crude Cottonseed Oil


Refined Corn Oil, RBWD ( Dewaxed ) Corn Oil, Crude Corn Oil


Refined Soybean Oil, RBD Soybean Oil, RBWD Soybean Oil, Light Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Crude Degummed Soybean Oil


Refined Sunflower Oil, Extra Refined Sunflower Oil, High-Oleic Sunflower Oil, Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil,  Lin-Oleic Sunflower Oil, Mid-Oleic Sunflower Oil, Crude Sunflower Oil, Crude Sunflower Seed Oil, Lin-Oleic Crude Sunflower Oil, Mid-Oleic Crude Sunflower Oil


Another  Edible Oil:


C 24:1

Nervonic acid


C 24:

Ligniceric acid


C 22:1

Erucic acid


C 22

Behenic acid


C 20:1

Gadoleic acid


C 20:

Arachidic acid


C 18:3

Linolenic acid


C 18:2

Linoleic acid


C 18:1

Oleic acid


C 18:

Stearic acid


C 16:1

Palmitoleic Acid


C 16:

Palmitic Acid


C 14:

Myristic Acid


fatty acid composition


Purity  % max


Cold Test at 0  C?(within 5.5 hrs in ice bath)


Phosphorus  mg/kg % Max


Density(25/4 ?C)

0.5 1.5

Unsaponifiable Matter  % Max


Peroxide Value, MEQ.02/kg  Max

105 - 126

Iodine Value


Moisture & Volatile Matter  % Max





Color (In 5 1/4") Max


Free Fatty Acid (showed as oleic acid)  % Max



                  Specification of Refined Rapeseed Oil/Canola Oil(Colza Oil)

All kinds of Refined & Crude:
Rapeseed Oil
Sunflower Oil
Soybean Oil
Corn Oil
Palm Oil
Cottonseed Oil
are available

  • Type:Refined Sunflower Oil
  • Cultivation Type:Organic
  • Processing Type:Crude
  • Category:Nut & Seed Oil
  • Type:Sunflower Oil
  • Country:Germany
  • telephone:49-2131-369524
Delivery Time: 30-45 days after the Receipt of LC or TT
Package: Refined Sunflower Oil in 0.5- 0.75-1-2-3 and 5Ls.per Pet,4-5-10-18 and 20 Ls.per Tin.Crude Sunflower Oil 206 Ls. Steel Drum - 20,000 Ls.Tank, 60 MT Railway Tanks in Bulk.12,500- 25,000- 50,000 MT In Bulk.20' FCL: 1 L.17,280 Pet - 2 Ls.8,064 Pet -3 Ls.6,048 Pet -5 Ls.3,072 Pet- 5 Ls.4,720 Tin - 10 Ls.2233 Tin-18 Ls.1296 Tin- 206 Ls.80 Drum40' FCL: 1 L. 18,800 Pet - 2 Ls. 14,400 Pet - 3 Ls. 8,760 Pet - 5 Ls. 5,544 Pet - 5 Ls. 5,760 Tin - 10 Ls. 2,880 Tin - 18 Ls. 1,600 Tin - 206 Ls. 140 Steel Drum
Supply Ability: 200,000 Metric Ton per Year
Minimum Order Quantity: 12,500 Metric Ton
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Type: Refined Sunflower Oil
Cultivation Type: Organic
Processing Type: Crude
Category: Nut & Seed Oil
Type: Sunflower Oil
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