Thai Rice of Various Grades

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Specification:      As per Thailand Export Standard
Origin:                Thailand
Packing:             50 Kgs Net In New pp bags (shipped in container or break bulk)
Minimum Qty:     100 metric tons (4 x 20 foot FCL)
First Shipment:    30 working days from confirmation of L/C
Payment:            Irrevocable, Confirmed, Documentary Letter Of Credit, Payable 100% At Sight, Issued or Confirmed By Prime Bank

5% Broken, 100% Sortexed

Grade A 100%

5% Broken, 10% Broken, 15% Broken, 25% Broken and 100% Broken
Typical Specifications
Grade                    5 % broken      10% broken    15% broken      25% broken
Moisture                14 pct max       14 pct max     14 pct max      14 pct max
Foreign matter        0.1 pct max      0.2 pct max    0.5 pct max     1 pct max
Chalky kernel         6.0 pct max      7 pct max       7 pct max        8 pct max
Damaged kernel      0.5 pct max     0.5 pct max    1.5 pct max      2.5 pct max
Paddy                    15 grains/kg    20 grains/kg    25 grains/kg     30 grains/kg
Yellow kernel          0.75 pct max   0.75 pct max  1.0 pct max      1.5 pct max
Red & red streaked  1.0 pct max    1.5 pct max    3.0 pct max      5.0 pct max
Milling degree          Well milled     Well milled     Well milled        Reasonably WM

As experienced brokerage based in Bangkok Thailand we are able to offer Thai rice of various grades

  • Part:Kernel
  • Color:Jasmine
  • Kind:White Rice
  • Type:Rice
  • Country:Thailand
  • telephone:66-86-0534794
Part: Kernel
Color: Jasmine
Kind: White Rice
Type: Rice
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