Hair shampoo---HAICNEAL for dandruff treatment


Best hair shampoo for dandruff treatment---HAICNEAL, you best choice for hair care.


The topical application (on the scalp) of HAICNEAL does not cause detectable levels of ketoconazole in the blood. However, as with any medicated product, pregnant or nursing women should NOT use HAICNEAL unless recommended by their doctor.

Can I use HAICNEAL if I am pregnant or nursing?


Since the effectiveness and safety of HAICNEAL have not been determined in children under 12, it is not recommended for children to use HAICNEAL to treat their dandruff unless it is recommended by a physician.

Can children wash their hair with HAICNEAL?


However, as a precaution, it is prudent to use HAICNEAL on a small patch of hair at the back of the head before treating the entire scalp. You are also encouraged to speak with your hairstylist if you have any concerns.

HAICNEAL may cause discoloration of chemically colored hair but this is very unusual and not typically associated with the use of HAICNEAL.

Can HAICNEAL be used on colored hair?


It is not recommended to use HAICNEAL if you are already using a medicated shampoo or cream on your scalp. The use of multiple medicated treatments may increase the irritation to the scalp and could potentially cause interactions between the different medications. Please consult your doctor, dermatologist or pharmacist if you wish to use two or more medications at once on your scalp.

Can I use HAICNEAL with other medicated shampoos?


HAICNEAL is applied like any other shampoo...just apply it, lather it up, and then rinse it away.  To make sure it works, we recommend using HAICNEAL twice a week for the first two to four weeks...this will get rid of your dandruff. Once your dandruff is cured, use just once a week to prevent it from returning.

How do I use HAICNEAL?




3 years

Shelf Validity:


Sealed and keep in cool, dry and dark condition.




2, keep it out of reach of children.

1, HAICNEAL is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.




For prevention purpose, the HAICNEAL should be used once every one or two weeks.

For treatment purpose, the HAICNEAL should be used twice a week continuously for 2-4 weeks.

For external use only. Simply apply a small amount (1 - 2 tsp.) to wet hair and work it into lather, like you would any shampoo. For best results, leave HAICNEAL in contact with your scalp for three to five minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly.

Dosage and Administration:





You'll find HAICNEAL is gentle enough to work on most color-treated, chemically processed and gray hair. And, unlike tar-based shampoos, HAICNEAL has a fresh, clean scent that won't clash with your favorite perfume or fragrance.


You don't have to stop using your favorite shampoo, conditioner, or any other hair care product for that matter. In fact, keep using them and simply include this hair lotion HAICNEAL as part of your healthy hair regime.


With HAICNEAL, you'll enjoy a fresh, clean fragrance, rich lather and, best of all, hair that's shiny, manageable... and dandruff free.


Best hair shampoo for dandruff treatment ---HAICNEAL contains ketoconazole - an active ingredient clinically proven to get to the root of your dandruff problem and the world's most frequently used ingredient for the treatment of dandruff. It actually kills the fungus that causes dandruff, commonly called Pityrosporum ovale (P. ovale).


Silky, thick, rich, fresh-smelling lather!



Once a week for beautiful hair and no flakes in sight!



Once a week keeps flakes from coming back!



Not your everyday hair shampoo for dandruff treatment!


Not your everyday hair shampoo for dandruff treatment!
Once a week keeps flakes from coming back!

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  • Certificate:GMP
  • Age Group:Adult
  • Form:Gel
  • Model Number:50ml/tube
  • Brand Name:HAICNEAL
  • Place of Origin:Yunnan China (Mainland)
  • Feature:Anti-Dandruff
  • Age Group:Adults
  • Formula:2-In-1
  • Country:China (Mainland)
  • telephone:86-871-8352418
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Age Group: Adult
Form: Gel
Model Number: 50ml/tube
Brand Name: HAICNEAL
Place of Origin: Yunnan China (Mainland)
Feature: Anti-Dandruff
Age Group: Adults
Formula: 2-In-1
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