Hair and Beauty Products: Dominican Republic

Narciso Vegetable Compound of La Sra. Muller - 13.54 oz.

Alopecil Syrup Refrikear Plus with Cherry Flavor - 8 oz.

Alopecil RP Chest Breaker Syrup with Omega 3 - 8 oz.

Alopecil Punch Natural Syrup Garlic, Watercress, Onions, Radish, Honey, Vitamins, Minerals - 8 oz.

Alopecil Century 22 Purifier Syrup - 16 oz.

Dr. Collado Emulsion Forty Malt - 8 oz.

Magnachem Broncochem Expectorant - 4 oz.

Alopecil Syrup Watercress, Onions, Radishes, Honey, Omega 3 and Omega 6 "Jarabe de Berro y Cebolla" - 8 oz.

Magnachem Broncochem Maximum Cough - 4 oz.

Nutritional Supplements


Halka Snail Slime "Baba de Caracol" Hair Loss Ampulle - 10 ml.

Halka Snail Slime "Baba de Caracol" Hair Loss Shampoo - 13 oz.

Halka Snail Slime "Baba de Caracol" Hair Loss Treatment - 16 oz.

Hair Loss Care




Laboratorios Noruel "BPT"

Laboratorios Rivas "Silicon Mix"


Laboratorio Capilo

Laboratorios Henna Queen

Laboratorios Key

Laboritorios Dr. Collado

Halka Industrial

Cosmeticos Faviola Carrect

Crom Laboratorios

BOE Cosmetics

Bio Naza Cosmetics


 Variety of Products from these manufacturers:

Hair Care

Halka Snail Slime "Baba de Caracol" + Aloe Facial Cream with Solar Protection SPF 15 3.5oz

Halka Snail Slime "Baba de Caracol" Facial Cream - 3.5 oz.

DS Laboratories Viterol A Under Eye Cream for Eyes and Corners of the Mouth

DS Laboratories Viterol A Face Cream for Wrinkles and Expression Lines

DS Laboratories Hydroviton CR Liquid Normalizing Soap

DS Laboratories Trioxil Bisazulene Acne Treatment

Facial Care

Henna Queen D'Fina Actritin Balsam - 8 oz.

Collado Fres Pies Balsam - 16 oz.

Foot Care

Arrow Brand "La Flecha" Medicated Oil & Embrocation No. 1 - 40cc

Degil Tropical Crema con Extracto de Algas para Masaje Estilizadora - 500 mg.

Dr. Collado Castor Oil - 2 oz.

Leivon Dermaline Soap with Aloe Vera

Contifarma Santa Cleansing Soap

Contifarma Santa Cleansing and Lightening Cream - 4 oz.

DS Laboratories Nirena

Leivon Dermaline Cream - 4 oz.

Gala Seaweed Body Cream for Massage & Spa - 14 oz.

Halka Snail Slime "Baba de Caracol" Body Cream - 8 oz.

DS Laboratories Oligo DX Cellulite Reducing Treatment Gel

Alopecil Cleopatra Cream - 8 oz.,

Alopecil Cleopatra Cream - 16 oz.,

Rysell Lemisol Plus - 16 oz.,

Body Care:  

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We are INTRADOM SA offering an extensive range of main recognized international Health and Beauty products with an exceptional quality and lowest price. Manufactured in the Dominican Republic for Intl markets:

We are exporters worldwide for great Quality and excellent Price Hair and Beauty products manufactured in Dominican Republic

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  • Country:Dominican Republic
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Place of Origin: Dominican Republic
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