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Based on long-term testing of approximately 3.000 women, we can also conclude that results for users of our product are extremely favorable. Through careful follow-up, we have tested various users experience with our product while putting emphasis on our desire to receive candid, accurate responses in order to use the survey process as a means of optimizing the effects of the product. Bioforskning AS guarantees that our products maintain the highest level of quality, and therefore conduct thorough testing prior to introducing new products to the market.

All research indicates that Spermine is the only antioxidant, which is capable of penetrating the horny layer of the skin (i.e. stratum corneum); however this does not mean that none of the other antioxidants have any function. We know, based on the experience of skin care experts, that components such as vitamin C and E can have effects on the skins functions as a barrier. We therefore find it beneficial to include these ingredients in our product. Additionally, we have added other antioxidants, oils and moisturizers so that we can confidently make the claim that we have one of the markets most advanced skin care programs.

This product has been developed and tested over the course of several years by leading researchers and skin care experts.

  • Feature:Moisturizer
  • Gender:Female
  • Age Group:Adults
  • Form:Oil
  • Type:Other
  • Country:Norway
  • telephone:47-40004102
Feature: Moisturizer
Gender: Female
Age Group: Adults
Form: Oil
Type: Other
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