EVA Adhesive Solar Film extruder (for solar cells encapsulation)

    EVA adhesive Solar film is used for the encapsulation of solar cells. Under normal temperature,  it is no adhesive and isn't  easy to operate. Through hot pressing, it can be reacted and hot crosslinked curing and bond enhancement to form permanent bonding and sealing. It is a new  kind thermosetting adhesive film. The solar cells encapsulation with this film has been test for long term and used for outdoor application. This adhesive film is also applicable to pack small or micro solar cells, components for lawn lamp and yard lamp etc., with environmetal protetion, long time UV resistance.

     EVA solar film  with hot melt adhesive is used for encapsulation with free from pollution, energy conservation . adhesive EVA  film is made from high polymer with suitable rheology and good film forming abiligy is particularly prosperous in industiral mass production. With its advantages of easy to use and high bonding speed, it is widely used for solar cell industry and automobile industry firstly. The hot melt adhesive film made from different high polymers now has been used for building and machinery etc. industries. . The EVA adhesive film should be small hot melt shrinkage and supplied by rolls. To adapt to the process requirements of large area bond, the film can be punched. Its base film is produced by extrusion cast film forming machine.  Main applications are  :EVA Adhesive Solar Film extrusion line for solar cells encapsulation.

      width can be made according to user's requirements and machinery's design.

          The thickness of this film is 0.02-1.0mm,

     leading manufacturer of EVA Adhesive Solar Film extruder for solar cells encapsulation. 

EVA Adhesive Solar Film extruder(for solar cells encapsulation)High transparency.
best quality,resonable price.
good service

  • Screw Design:Single-screw
  • Application:Film
  • Plastic Processed:EVA
  • Model Number:XQSG
  • Brand Name:Cheer
  • Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)
  • Country:China (Mainland)
  • telephone:86-519-88410508
Delivery Time: 100days
Package: wood case or non wood case with container
Supply Ability: 50 Set/Sets per Year
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Port: shanghai
FOB Price: US $200,000 - 400,000
Screw Design: Single-screw
Application: Film
Plastic Processed: EVA
Model Number: XQSG
Brand Name: Cheer
Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland)
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