FRAME: Frame is computer aided design aimed at economy and rigidity, welded steel construction, stress-relieved before machininng. SLIDE: Cast iron body for lower capacity, fabricated and duly stress -relieved for capacity higher than 80 tons, Six-point /Eight-point type depending upon slide dimensions, eccentricity of loading and press capacity, sufficient long gibbing to maintain excellent parallelism between slide and bed. Liners of bronze casting fixed to gibs with counter sunk screws, easily approachable and replaceable. Slide height adjustment is manual for lower capacity and motorized for higher ones. Slide provided with shear plate jam releaasing device or hydraulic device with preset pressure for safety against over loading. DRIVE: Drive shaft of carbon-alloy steel, ultrasonically tested, random tested for metallurgical properties, ground at bearing surfaces and dynamically balanced for high speed presses. Gears of Cast Steel grade chosen for strength or built up of forged rim and hub with mild steel web, all welded and then stress-relieved, hob cut teeth, hardness matching with requirement, main gear run in oil bath to increase life and reduce noise, bearings of copper-base alloys with holes and grooves for proper lubrication and dissipation of heat. FLY WHEEL: Fly Wheel of cast iron designed to cater for sufficient energy required for operation, brakes provided on request and mounted on quill for higher capacity, in both cases. Fly wheel is on antifriction bearing.PNEUMATIC CLUSTER & BRAKE: Pneumatic Clutch & Brake is designed for excellent torque transmission power, low intertia/high torque, combined with single-disc type with sufficient fins/ribs for dissipation of heat, pneumatically synchronized. Clutch operating under pneumatic pressure released by spring, brake operating on spring and released pneumatically. For higher torque, clutch and brake are separate, double solenoid valve at air entry for additional safety.PNEUMATIC BALANCER: Pneumatic balancer are provided to counter the self -weight of slide (include upper tooling fixed to slide bottom) to help easy slide movement and ajustment.LUBRICATION : Lubrication of all moving/rolling contact surface by automatic oil pump and network of pipes tubes flexible pipes manifold and metering cartridge. It is centralized with automatic adjustment timer, can be made recirculatory type if required.Lubrication of tooling optional, lubrication network integrated to electrical circuit so that in case of malfunctioning of lubrication system the clutch is detached.ELECTRICALS: Electrical control is provided with a switch (lockable) for three modes (once continuous and inching). The dual solenoid valve stops the press operation by electrical lockout. The Control panel box is generally mounted on the frame with anti-vibration pad. It can also be floor mounted to suit client's requirement. Two-hand push button for operator's safety is fitted in front of the press. Electrical installation conforms to latest electrical regulation.All presses may be supplied with the following accessories :-A) STANDARD ACCESSORIES :1. Fly Wheel Guard.2. Shear Plate as Safety Device.3. Stroke Counter.4. Crank Angle Indicator.5. Rotary Cam Limited Switch.6. Slide Knick Out Devices.7. Maintenance Tools.B) OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES :1. Decoiler (Single/Double).2. Straightener.3. Feeder4. Scrap Chopper (Mechanical/Pneumatic).5. Coiler.6. Hydraulic Overload Device.7. Wet Clutch.8. Quick Die Changing Device.9. Moving Bolster.10. Photo-Electric Guard.11. Die Area Light.12. Tool Lubrication.13. Fly Wheel Brake.14. Programmable Logic Controller (P.L.C).15. Variable Speed Motor16. Load Moniter.17. Die Height Indicator.18. Micro-Inching Device.19. Pneumatic Die Cushion. (Stroke Adjustment/Fixed)20. Non-Standard T-Slot and opening in slide and Bolster Plate.21. Ladder and Cushion.22. Pressure Plate under slide bottom.23. Mechanical Ejector.24. Hand grease Lubrication25. Single Phase Preventor.26. Zero-Speed Switch.

Frame is computer aided design aimed at economy and rigidity, welded steel construction

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Frame is computer aided design aimed at economy and rigidity, welded steel construction
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