For Use No. 1" Eco-Friendly Bio-Washing / Laundry Ball "to Save Your Skin And The Nature

Dear Sirs,
We supply the original and genuine washing ball unlike copy and immitation ones.
Day by day, our eco-friendly Bio-washing balls are growing to sweep and wash the ever increasing markets along with explosive customers' favorable responses.
This detergent-free washing ball has  following versatile and conspicuous effects
1. Economy effect.
-  the big benefit is , clients need to spend tiny budget for their regular and continual laundry 
   purpose  and there is little need to buy detergents or any similiar chemical cleansers
   ( detergent-saving).
   If users insist on using existing detergent , only small ( about 20% )would be enough to get
   the desired effects as usual
-  It brings time saving for washing , water-saving ,electric-saving effects simultaneously
- Helps protect the whole environment with lesser chemical detergents
2. Clothing Softness effect :water gets soft with our washing ball .

3. Static electric prevention effect :without using any static electric prevenction cleanser
4. Smell removal effect
5. Antibiotics effects :Helps recover sensitive skin or skin disease by sterilize harmful
    germs and save unhealthful germs.

6. Skin protection effect :as it contains no any detergent, there is no
    remaining chemical residue in the cloth and fibers.thus ,
    no  any skin trouble at all , which good for infants, children and senstiive skin holders.
Our washing balls can be used for ordinary washing ( laundry ) regrdless of normal or drum washing machine.
Its use validity is for 3  years grounded on once in a day use base
For more information and terms of our remarkable washing balls,
Please contact us along with your email address
We are  seeking  true local distrubutors around the world .
We are expecting any positive inquires  from you also.
Best regards,
Lesley Jean
  • Country:South Korea
  • telephone:82-31-9174045
Clients need only 6~7% of exisitng yearly budget for laudry purpose thanks to our Nature & Environment-intensive product
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