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ID OD Table

Attached : Material chart 01 & 02


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with a competition.

Please send us your drawing & specification, and the we are ready to quote you

We have cores as attached,

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7. ISO 9002



And our main customer is Samsung Electronic co


5. Customer

Min. size ( ID   )   :   From 1/4 inch

4. Vacuum bellows.

Min. size ( ID ) From 1/2 inch

( LIFE CYCLE up to 1.000,000 CYCLES)

3. Welded bellows.

flexible joint.

B ) spiral type tube.

A ) omega type tube

flexible  tubes for general pipes.

can be supplied with " all of attachments ".

can be supplied " with  flange  after welding ".


suitable for  a high vibration absorption devices.

building material

vacuum pump  and facilities.

Semiconductor equipment.


a long life.

a high anti-acid & alkali

ignorable hysterisis

anti-presure : 300- 500 kg / cm2 g

a high airtightness

the degree of vacuum : 5 x 103 to 1 x 108

a high bendability & flexibility :
If 300 mm long,  available up to 540 degree.

300,000 CYCLES ARE AVAILABLE ( depending on conditions ).


( a marvellous spring-back. )

restorable force : almost 100%

A good elasticity : about 50%

very small pitch

a high cubic volume variation rate. : 50 to 70 %

Allowable leakage : less than 1 x 10-9 ( 10 to the-9th power ) pa.m3 /s

Usable temperature : - 200oc to 800oc

Available leng : 300 mm to 5,000 mm

300A                 12INCH

250A              9.84 INCH

200A              7.87 INCH

150A              5.91 INCH

125A              4.92 INCH

100A              3.94 INCH

80A               3.15 INCH

65A               2.56 INCH

50A               1.97 INCH

40A               1.57 INCH

32A               1.26 INCH

25A               0.894 INCH

16A ( I. D.16 mm )= 0.63 INCH

Inner diameter10 to 300 mm

material :  stainless steel sus 304, 316

2-2. Performance

competitive price.

a substitutable for welding bellows WITH LESS 1/2 PRICING

our own patent.

2-1. Super bellows

2. Description

1. Our proucts pictures : " attached

Hot Press

Dry Cold Isostatic Press

WIP ( Warm Isostatic Press )


Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace

Vacuum Sintering Furnace

( Others ) : Furnace + PRESS + Vacuum gauge ( AVAILABE in detail information if you are interested )

CVD ( Chemical Vapor Deposition )

Flanges  : ISO / NW /KF type etc .

Blank flange Fixed, Four-way Crosses, Nipples, Jis flange Adaptors,

Reducing Nipples, Conical Reducers, Tees, Reducing Elbow. Blank Flange Rotatable,

( Jis ) Flange Adaptors, concial reducers, Hinged Clamp, Certering Rings,

Four-way Crosses, Reducing Tees, Reducing 4-Way Crosses, Nipples,

Short weld stub flanges, Long weld stub flanges, Jis pipe weld flanges,90 degree elbows,

Angle valve, Pneumatic Angle valve, Jis valve, CF valve, Weld flanges, Blank flanges,

As of accessaries :

Distance flange

Bottom flange

EVAP chamber

AFM manipulator flange

AFM-turn chamber

ESCA chamber

Target-manipulator flange

Substrate-manipulator flange

PLD chamber

Loadlock flange

Transfer flange Loadlock chamber

Transfer chamber

Ultra High Vacuum system ( 5.0 x 10  -10  Torr to be available) etc.

Welded bellows. ( LIFE CYCLE up to 1.000,000 CYCLES )

Vacuum bellows.

Super bellows ( LIFE CYCLE 300,000 CYCLES )

Our Products are such as,

We would be so happy if we have an opportunity to supply to you.

We'd like to supply our quality products  for your vacuum systems.

+ PRESS + Vacuum gauge " etc. and Its accessaries as follows.

+Ultra High Vacuum system + Furnace

We are A MAUFACTURER for "Welded Bellows +Super bellows

Welded Bellows + Super bellows etc.

  • Brand Name:Formed bellows
  • Place of Origin:Seoul South Korea
  • Country:South Korea
  • telephone:82-11-5565067
Brand Name: Formed bellows
Place of Origin: Seoul South Korea
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