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Shenzhen customized woven bags in the process there are a lot of misunderstanding, a lot of customers in the first thought that made the bag is sturdy and has a size inseparable link, so deliberate increase in the size of the plastic bag regarded selection , can enhance its firmness and achieve good results, the presence of a few people really this idea, but this approach is often counterproductive, and then we make the customization process of reproduction are those caveats it.

Second, the production points

1. Portable: Market To improve the degree of automation Shenzhen acupuncture non-woven bag processing, design a new type of non-woven bag handle automatic feed mechanism. The mechanism uses a stepping motor drive friction feed rollers to achieve reliable soft fabric tape, handle feed length and the angle of displacement of the stepping motor to control the number of pulses. Not in order to achieve precise off-line results.

2. Printing: screen printing is generally divided into an ordinary hand-printed and printing machines, we have introduced before, the difference between the two, different thickness patterns as they came out. Shenzhen Non-woven bags than manual printing machine printing ink thickness should be thick, thin machine printed pattern through the pattern you can clearly see the pattern of the following non-woven fabric bump printing quality is greatly discounted , while the hand-printed pattern through the pattern is very thick non-woven bags see below bumps. However, there is an advantage machine printed pattern is printed almost no flash, which is more than the number of orders for, the number is generally not recommended to use less machine printed.

3. Packaging: in bags after we have produced a quality inspection process, each finished bag pack finishing checks, try to make it smooth wireless head, and finally package delivery according to customer requirements.

Shenzhen customized non-woven bags firmness and size do not have much contact, no matter what kind of bags, to durable case is the first in the choice of raw materials, the production of plastic bags in the process of what kind of material will be used, because different packaging products in the choice of materials is not the same. Produced good bags of raw materials made after the hardness of the finished product itself is good, the quality of course good, non-woven bags custom Shenzhen Should the chosen material back production, no matter how manufacturers processing, superb production technology and how it can not change quality is not durable results. To really want to achieve satisfaction on the strong degree, the same raw materials as long as the thickness of the thickened can choose to meet customer demand, of course, be tailored to the customer's own needs.
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suit carriers cheap garment bags garment covers

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T&H Non woven insulated bags manufacturer

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