2015 hot sale Long distance unicycle electric Balance Scooter

15 Days
DMIPS is the principle of operation we call the balance of the car is mainly aircraft balance principle, which is the vehicle itself automatically balance (electronic self-balance system). With built-in precision electronic gyroscope to determine the posture of the body in which the state, through a sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor to calculate the appropriate command post, the drive motor to achieve balanced results. Suppose we stand with the overall focus of the driver of the car and the vehicle's longitudinal axis of the reference line.
When the forward tilt of this axis, the balance within the body of the car will have built-in electric motor power forward, while the balance between man and dumped the car forward torque, on the one hand to produce the vehicles forward acceleration, on the contrary, when the gyro Miriam found the driver's center of gravity backward tilt, it will also generate force backward to balance the effect. Therefore, the driver simply changing the angle of his body forward or backward tilt, balance the car will tilt forward or backward based on the direction and speed of the driver's body with the degree of tilt is proportional. In principle,
as long as the balance of the car with the correct operation of the power is turned on and can maintain sufficient power, the car will not have to worry about who might have dumped drop, which is generally required to balance themselves by driving scooters and other vehicles significantly different.
14-inch parameter
Size and Weight
Length: 41.3 cm
Overall Width: 17.0 cm (pedal folded state) 38 cm (pedal expanded state)
Total Height: 45.5 cm
Weight: 10.5 kg
Body: High strength ABS material
Body surface material: advanced automotive paint
Cushioning: Nano Silicone
Wheel: heavy alloy wheels
Pedal: aluminum collapsible pedals
Performance Parameters
Speed: 16 km / h
The full electric biggest mileage: 17-20 km
Maximum tilt capability: 25 ° slope
Charging time: 45 minutes fast charge / full charge 90 minutes
Maximum load: 110 kg
Drive mode: Single-wheel direct drive
Powertrain: by a variable speed electronic motor control, direct drive
Motor: Brushless DC Motor
Battery equipment: imported lithium ion / 130 Wh
Ancillary equipment
Charger: Quantity 1
Tire tube: Quantity 1
Auxiliary belts: Quantity 1
Warranty: 1 year (see warranty)
Color:gray,white,golden,red,champagne color,black
  • Country: China (Mainland)
  • Business Type:
  • Market:Europe
  • Founded Year:2010
  • Address:上海闵行经济开发区颛盛路888号
  • Contact:andy liu
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