Weld Mesh Panels for Fencing

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Metech Welded Mesh Inc specializes in producing and exporting welded wire mesh panels with a variety of types and specifications suitable for a wide range of applications in the wire mesh fencing sector. Our versatile panels cater to multiple industries, including construction and agriculture, providing security, concrete reinforcement, and protection. We offer customized sizes, wire gauges, and finishes to match specific requirements, ensuring our clients receive tailored, precision-engineered solutions.


  • Material Varieties: Our welded wire mesh panels are made from diverse materials like low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, and galvanized wire, tailored to meet the needs of different environmental and application requirements.
  • Welding Techniques: We employ advanced welding technologies, including resistance and spot welding, to construct our panels. This ensures each panel is made with consistent quality, vital for applications demanding high strength in security and industrial settings. Additionally, we offer panels in both Galvanized After Welding (GAW) and Galvanized Before Welding (GBW) finishes. Electro-galvanized and hot-dipped galvanized options are also available to enhance durability and corrosion resistance, catering to various environmental conditions.
  • Standard and Customizable Panel Dimensions: Panels come in standard lengths of 2 to 12 feet and widths of 1 to 8 feet. Customization services are available to accommodate unique project requirements, allowing precise fitment and application.
  • Hole Shapes and Mesh Sizing: A variety of hole shapes are available, including the commonly requested square and rectangular options. Mesh sizes are offered from the tightly woven 1/2″ x 1/2″ (12.7mm x 12.7mm) to the more open 6″ x 6″ (152mm x 152mm), suitable for various functions from high-security to aesthetic design.
  • Wire Gauge and Diameter Options: With wire gauges available from #14 to #6, corresponding to diameters of 2.0mm to 5.0mm, our panels are designed to meet a spectrum of strength and flexibility requirements, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Surface Treatments and Color Selection: Panels are subjected to treatments such as PVC, powder coating, or galvanization to prevent corrosion and extend durability. A broad selection of colors allows for seamless integration into existing project designs.
  • Secure and Practical Packaging: Panels are packaged with integrity on pallets or in boxes, with additional water-proof paper and shrink wrap available, ensuring the product arrives in excellent condition while also aiding in efficient on-site handling.


Shipping Weld Mesh Rectangular Panels to the UK

  • Panel Specifications
    We are supplying 1,400 panels, each measuring 2336.8 x 914.5 mm. These panels are designed with 46 pitches by 18 pitches, with each pitch measuring 2 inches.
  • Construction Details
    The panels are constructed from 6 gauge wire, and every mesh intersection is welded to form precise squares. This meticulous welding adheres to a strict tolerance of up to 3mm at intersections and maintains a maximum flatness variation of 30mm. The panels are rectangular with straight sides and have been carefully trimmed along the edges to ensure there are no protruding wires.
  • Finish Options
    Galvanized after manufacture
  • Country: China (Mainland)
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Market:Africa,Americas,Emerging Markets,Europe,European Union,Middle East,Oceania,Asia
  • Founded Year:
  • Address:North Lingyuan, Anping, Hebei, China,053600
  • Contact:Lin Piaoyang
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