Galv. and PVC Coated Galvanized Chain Link Fence

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We supply galvanised wire fences of chain link mesh. The finishes can be electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized and pvc coated. Mesh opening is diamond. Fence System includes Diamond mesh fabrics, with or without frames, posts and concertina barbed wire.

Fabric edge styles :
1) Knuckle-Knukle: The wire is knuckled at both ends (abbreviated as KK)
2) Knuckle-Barbed: The wire is knuckled at the bottom and twisted into a barbed selvedge at the top (KB)
3) Barbed-Barbed: The wire is twisted in to a barbed selvedge at both ends (abbreviated as BB)


Chain Link Fence System, Galvanized Fabric, 2.4m height, with barbed wire, Y frame Steel posts to accept double 300mm height of 6 plus 6 linear rows of barbed wire ( arm length 500 mm),razor wire, Vehicle Gates 2.4 mts x 8 meter wide, with padlock mechanism, Pedestrian Gates 2,4 mts x 2 meter wide with padlock mechanism;

Chain Link Fence, Galvanized 4 meter height, Barbed wire for perimeter fencing top,Post for Gate / change of direction posts and angle posts,Y frame Steel posts to accept double 300mm height of 6 plus 6 linear rows of barbed wire (arm length 500 mm), Razor Wire tops, Vehicle gates 4 mts x 8 meter wide, with padlock mechanism, Pedestrian gate with 2,4 x 2 meter padlock mechanism;

Framed Chain link commercial fence in 6' and 8' width with 10 gauge galvanized wire;
Vinyl coated, chain link residential fence with 1 single gate and 2 drive gates;
Galvanized chain link fence to Italy;
Plastic-Coating galvanized mesh fence, 2.5" opening, 2.5mm wire diameter and 1.2m high, 12 x 15m mesh rolls ( or 6 x 30m rolls ), for Australia and other countries;
Temporary fence;
Beige Color Chain Link Fence, Mesh Opening : 50mm, Wire diameter : 3.50mm after coated, Length of the roll : 15m, Width of the roll: 2m, Column: Galvanized and coated with beige-colored, 2600 x 2.5 inch x 3mm wall thickness, the end of the column: italic angle of 45 degrees with 3 slots to enter Barbed wire, Barbed wire: thickness 3 mm after coated. All the items are galvanized and beige-colored coated, shipping to Saudi Arabia.
Mesh fence in vinyl coated wire (PVC) or galvanized before weaving (GBW) wire.


Technical data:
- Galvanized iron wire with Plastic-Coated (PVC);
- Color: Green.
- Mesh: 50x50mm;
- Wire diameter: 2,5-2,8mm
- Width of the roll: 2000mm
- Length of the roll: 20mt
For Ukraine and other countries.


Chain-link Fence Fabric:

Edge: Selvage knuckle or twist.
Steel Wire Fabric: Polymer coated wire with a diameter of 3.76mm
Mesh size: 44mm
Metallic zinc coating: 366 gram per square meter, zinc coating applied after weaving.
Fence framing:
Posts and Rails: Round cold-formed, electric-resistance-welded, steel pipe or tubing.
Posts and rails and frames protected with an external coating of zinc, and polymer film.
Metallic-coated steel tension wire: 4.5mm
Zinc coating weight: 610 gram per square meter by hot dip process.


Fence Panels & Posts: Galvanized wire mesh, gauge 9, diamonds 2 3/8inch, 8' high, with Fence posts, 1 5/8"x21'center runners´╝î Fence posts, 3 inch x 20' gates posts; Tension bar, 3/16"x3/4"x95". For projects in Republic of Mauritius.

Concertina wire, single coil barbed tape concertina with long blade, 450mm in diameter, fabricated from 0.6mm (0.05mm tolerance) galvanized steel strip, 2.5mm (0.1mm) diameter high tensile (220,000 psi) galvanized wire, 33 loops per coil.


Afghanistan project:
Galvanized line post ( Y type) 76x3 mm (h:330 cm)
Galvanized corner and pull post, 102x3 mm ( Y post) (h:330 cm
Bottom rail and bolt, brace rail and bolt, 42x2.5 mm
PVC covered galv. fence wire, 9 gauge (3.8 mm diameter )
Mesh: 50x50 Mesh, fabric heigth 240 cm
Galvanized barbed wire, diameter 2.5 mm
Galvanized razor wire, loop diameter 60 cm, and 75 cm
Tension wire, diameter 4mm
Stainless steel tie wire, 16 gage ( 1.65 mm )
PVC or Vinyl coated tie wire, 9 gage ( 3.8 mm )
Galvanized truss rod and band, M10
Galvanized hinge, 25x3 mm, 102 diameter, 76 diameter
Galvanized tension bar, 25X5
Chain link gate: 120 cm length x 240 cm height
Double swing vehicle gate: 600 cm Length x 240 cm Height

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more images of Galv. and PVC Coated Galvanized Chain Link Fence
more images of Galv. and PVC Coated Galvanized Chain Link Fence
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