Tempered Glass Strength Test Method

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Tempered Glass Strength Test Method

Testing Machine for Mechanical Properties of Tempered Glass

We are a manufacturer ofSafety Glass Testing Equipment.All testing equipment is manufactured according to relevant standards (GB, IS, AS ZNS, ASTM, ANSI, EN and ECE). Our glass impact testing equipment is applied in China, India, USA, Australia and EU etc.

If you have similar intentions in the near future, please let us know your requirements, or send us the standard(safety glass)you are applying now. We can give you suggestions and quotations as your choice to purchase testing equipment.

Portable on-site Comprehensive Measurement Instrument for Energy-saving Glass

It is applicable to the field test for opt thermal parameters of energy-saving glass installed and or to be installed

The data that the instrument can measure is: thermal parameters, optical parameters, light transmittance, light reflectance, shading coefficient, U value, LSG, Low-E position, E value, space thickness, overall thickness, glass thickness

The types of glass that the instrument can measure are:

Single pane, Laminated glass, Uncoated insulated glass, Coating on both sides and below, Coating on more than two sides, Coating on both sides and below, Coating on more than two sides, Vacuum glazing

U Value Meter For IG

This instrument is suitable for single Low-E glass, double glazing or triple glazing glass which the number of Low-E side is less than two.

Ball Drop Test Device:

Steel Ball 2260g/1040g/508g/227g

Drop Height 1m-12m

Samples: 300mm/610mm

Pummel Test Device:

Hammer head diameter: 30mm

Impact Distance: Adjustable

Shot Bag Impact Testing Frame:

Shot Bag 45kg/46kg

Automatic Release

Electric Lifting

Pneumatic Clamping

Head Form Test Device

Head Weight: 10kg

Head Size: 500mm*932mm

Impact height: < 1.5m

Samples size: 1100mm*500mm

Felt hat: 90g/89mm/3mm

Frame size: 1400mm*666mm*320mm

PV Load Test Equipment

Size: 6425mm*2000mm*3490mm

Samples: 1643mm*991mm~2009mm*1027mm (Customized)

Source: Sandbag

Load: 2400Pa 5400Pa 8100Pa 10000Pa (Customized)

Pneumatic Tyres Device

Weight 50 kg ± 0.1 kg

Tire pressure: 0.35Mpa ± 0.02Mpa

Type: 3.50-R8 4PR

Forced Entry Resistant Glass Test Device

Axe: 810mm Long

Axe Quality: 1.80kg

Sample size: 610mm*610mm

Insulating Glass Dew Point Meter

Operating temperature: -80°C ~ 100°C

Tube height: 300mm

Tube diameter: 50mm

Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C

Hard/Soft Pendulum Shock Test for Lifts

Hard pendulum shock device

Height: 330± 15mm

Max diameter: 240±10mm

Weight: 10kg ± 0.1kg

Material: according to ISO standard

Filler: 3.5mm + 0.25mm

Soft pendulum shock device

Height: 330mm ± 15mm

Maximum diameter: 240mm±15mm

Weight: 45kg ± 0.5kg

Material: leather bag

Filler: diameter 3.5mm ± 1mm ​​lead sand

Laminated Glass High Temperature Test Oven

Power: 220V 50Hz 3Kw (Customized)

Outside Size: 400mm*255mm*480mm

Inside Size: 400mm*255mm*480mm

At most 6 samples with 300mm*300mm

Tempered Glass Flatness Measuring Instrument

Measurement of arcuate form and wave form of toughened glass

Resolution: 0.01mm

Measuring Span: 300mm-12000 mm ( Customized)

Impactor for building Glass and Metal Guardrail

Impact Steel ball

Weight: 1040g ± 10g

Dia: 63mm

Shot bag impactor


Weight: 45kg ± 0.1kg

Height: 330mm ± 13mm

Max diameter: 250mm

Material: leather bag filling lead shot

Leather thickness: 0.15mm

Lead sand size: 2.5mm

Hard and Soft Body Impactors for Opaque Wall Components

Soft body:

Weight: 50kg

Dia: 400mm

Conical canvas bag filles with 3mm glass sphere

Hard Body:

Steel Ball 0.5 kg/50mm

Steel Ball 1 kg/62.5mm

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more images of Tempered Glass Strength Test Method
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