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The development of cassava production is mainly caused by the growth of demand and price in the world market. The production of cassava in Thailand is the third one, but it is the largest exporter of cassava products in the world. The share of the cassava market is up to 79.56% in the world, and the market rate is 9.73%. In 2012, the total export of cassava in Thailand amounted to about 7 million 128 thousand tons, amounting to about 77 billion 700 million baht. The year-on-year growth rate was 11.17% and 1.13%, as output increased and export market demand remained stable.

The demand for the high quality cassava flour production is considerable. However, it is understood that at present, Africa's cassava flour production in Nigeria enterprises are few and far between, and it can be imagined that the future development of the high quality cassava flour production and related machinery enterprises.

On the other hand, for high quality cassava flour production, as its name, to get high quality cassava flour, the requests for cassava flour machinery is higher, advanced design and good production plan is the guarantee to make high quality cassava flour production. Next will introduce our cassava flour processing equipment details:

1. The purpose of cleaning is to remove sand and soil, outer peel, besides that it can reduce flour ash and facilitate the work of the next process. There is no gap in the rotary cage, so the cassava cannot roll and reach the purpose of peeling and cleaning. cassava flour processing equipment operators should also pay attention to the pressure of water, if it is too low with no sediment, the general water pressure cannot lower than 0.25Mpa. The machine usually works seven days to add a lubricating oil.

2. The part near the main stem is lignification because cassava root is long. The purpose of cassava flour milling process is to ensure that the mill runs normally. Some factories do not have crushing technology to increase the load of the mill and reduce the service life of Rasper machine. Improve the yield and quality of the production of cassava flour. During operation, observe the temperature of the motor and the sound of the machine. The amount of water added to the trip should be moderate, and the less broken materials cannot be taken away, resulting in more waste. In addition, we should grasp the tightness of the toothed belt and reduce the crusher efficiency.

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