Energy Line Fulfills Your Daily Energy Requirement by Erba Vita

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Energy line Fulfills your daily energy requirement
Erba Vita Energy Line:
phytotherapic products enhanced by the most effective micronutrients.
Rhythms of life and energy resources of the organism.
Modern rhythms and current increasingly stressful lifestyles can affect the body’s vitality: excessive stimuli, combined with physical and mental tension, can reduce the energy resources. Many people, who perform considerable physical effort activities or who perform work activities where important concentration and attention levels are required, are likely to experience states of mental and physical aspecific fatigue.
We all need to renew our energy.
Currently these issues can involve everyone: athletes (amateur and professional), students, young adults and teenagers, but also mothers, let alone the workers of all levels and classes (from office clerks to workers, up to executives and managers), without overlooking retired and elderly people.
Erba Vita Energy Line:
phytotherapy integrated with nutritional factors.
To meet the needs of the entire range of consumers, the Erba Vita research has achieved Energy Line, a full range of tonic-ergogenic supplements. They contain rational mixtures of herbal extracts (titrated and standardized) with a high content of active principles and high tonic-adaptogenic thrust, able to increase body resistance to stress and counteract states of fatigue; officinal plants are synergized with important nutritional factors suitable for amplify the final biological action.
Biological response is amplified by the best nutritional factors.
The phytoextracts selected by Erba Vita.
Scientific studies on raw materials confirm the role of officinal plants that characterize the Energy line. Worthy of note are the following:
• the quick joint effect (stimulant and tonic-adaptogen) of Ginseng;
• the stimulating effect of Guaranà;
• the ergogenic effect of Muira puama, Eleutherococcus and Kola;
• the pro-adaptogen resistance of Rhodiola, Withania and Maca;
• the multifunctionality and omnipotence of Schisandra and Astragalus;
• the metabolic support of Cocoa;
• the important biological actions on the vascular system of the Ginkgo and Bilberry.
Besides the well-known performing action of all the B vitamins, Erba Vita used in the Energy Line:
PHOSPHOSERINE. Bio-substance present in the central nervous system (it is a constituent of cerebral phosphatides of the myelin sheath, membrane that surrounds nerve fibers). It intervenes in marked cerebral metabolic processes.
HOMOTAURINE. Bio-compound isolated and localized in different species of red marine algae, in which is naturally present; from a biochemical point of view is an amino acid. The name homotaurine has been chosen due to the large homology and similarity of this molecule with taurine, that is one of the most abundant free amino acids present in the brain. It is well known by now its established role in cognitive processes and in the prevention of some types of dementia.
L-CARNITINE (in all biological forms available in nature, for example, as free Carnitine or as esterified Carnitine or Acetyl-Carnitine) is an important constituent of cells and plays an important action in muscle and lipid metabolism. It also has a key activity in energy metabolism and in the improvement of sports performance. As L Acetylcarnitine increases the cognitive processes and nootropics (in fact, due the presence of the acetyl group, the L-Acetylcarnitine has the ability to cross the blood-encephalic barrier); it is, therefore, a support is in memory processes and in intellectual performance as well.
• Vigorous reload of energy immediately available.
• Increases the production of energy and relieves the symptoms of fatigue caused by physical activity.
• Enhanced with L-Acetylcarnitine, L-Carnitine, B vitamins.
• provide a greater supply of functional ingredients that tone and strengthen muscle energy;
• cope with prolonged stress conditions, thanks to its stimulating and adaptogenic formula;
• support people exposed to long-term mental and physical fatigue.
Based on: Bilberry fruit juice, Red Ginseng root (30% in ginsenosides), Eleutherococcus root (0.8% in eleutherosides), Maca root (2.5% in β-ecdysone), L-Acetylcarnitine, L-Carnitine, B Vitamins.
How to use: 1 vial a day, pure or diluted in a little water, on a full stomach, preferably in the morning or when needed.
Contents: 10 vials of 12 ml each.
• It counteracts fatigue not necessarily related to physical activity.
• It increases physical and mental energy.
• Made with 6 titrated and standardized extracts with a high content of active ingredients and enhanced with B vitamins.
• enhance mental and physical performance;
• increase the endogenous production of cellular energy and overcome states of convalescence and address with more vigour seasonal changes;
• generate strength and balance in all situations that cause exhaustion and stress.
Based on: Bilberry fruit juice, Guaranà seeds (10% in caffeine), Kola seeds (10% in caffeine), Red Ginseng root (30% ginsenosides), Muira puama wood (2.5% in β-ecdysone), Withania root (1.5% in whitanolidi), Maca root (2.5% in β-ecdysone), B vitamins.
How to use: 1 vial a day, pure or diluted in a little water, preferably in the morning or when needed.
Contenuto: 10 vials of 12 ml each
Revitalizing and restorative tonic-energetic.
• Tonic-adaptogenic medicinal plants alternatives to Ginseng and Guarana.
• Formulated with titrated and standardized extracts and enhanced with B vitamins.
• bio-activate the energy and support the cellular metabolic activity of persons subjected to long periods of mental and physical tension;
• ideal for children and elderly, and for all the intermediate age groups, who do not wish to take Ginseng and Guarana;
• support the convalescents, as adaptogen support, including for the immune defenses.
Based on: Bilberry fruit juice, Birch warty seeds, Astragalus root (70% in polysaccharides), Maca root (2.5% in β-ecdysone), Eleutherococcus root (0.8% in eleutherosides), Rhodiola root (4% in rosavin and 1% in salidroside), Cacao seeds (6% in theobromine), Schisandra fruit (1% in schisandrina), B vitamins.
How to use: 1 vial a day, pure or diluted in a little water, preferably in the morning or when needed.
Contents: 10 vials of 12 ml each.
Tonic-energy for memory and cognitive processes.
Increased efficiency and concentration in study and work.
• Highly specific formulation, targeted supplementation, selected ingredients.
• favour concentration, especially in cases of intense physical and mental work;
• favour memory, in all those cases in which more effort and attention are required;
• improve efficiency and combat mental fatigue
Based on: Ginkgo leaves hydroglyceric extract, Bilberry fruit juice, Eleutherococcus root (0.8% in eleutherosides), Bilberry fruit (1% in anthocyanosides), L-Acetylcarnitine, Omotaurina, Phosphoserine, B vitamins.
How to use: 1 vial a day, pure or diluted in a little water, preferably in the morning or when needed.
Contents: 10 vials of 12 ml each.
  • Country: San Marino
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Market:Europe
  • Founded Year:1982
  • Address:
  • Contact:David Bologna
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