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Millions of tons of plastic waste pollute our world. If we can turn them into fuel? This is a very worthwhile discussion topic! In the past, this was an impossible goal, but now DoingGroup has developed awaste plastic pyrolysis plant

After this reaction, the fuel rate is 45-50%, the carbon black rate is 30%, and the combustible gas yield is 10%. This shows that it is technically feasible to convert waste plastics back into oil!

So, how can you turn plastic back into oil through the Dongying Group'splastic pyrolysis plant

1. Pass the waste plastic through the automatic pushing device and send it to the reaction vessel.

2. The reactor is heated and the temperature reaches a certain level. The waste plastic begins to crack out of the oil and gas.

3. The cracked oil and gas enters the condensing system under the action of high and low pressure, and is liquefied into heavy oil and falls into the oil tank.

4. The waste flue gas and waste water produced during the combustion process are treated to achieve zero pollution to the environment. All kinds of emissions strictly comply with European and American environmental assessment standards.

5. The waste generated during the combustion process is automatically discharged from the furnace through the side slag discharge system.

DoingGroup is a professional manufacturer of oilpyrolysis plant

Wastewater pollution control

The company'swaste plastics pyrolysis plant

1) Cooling water, tubular condenser design, oil running inside the pipe, and water running outside the pipe. Zero contact with water and oil, cooling water can be recycled without emissions.

2) Dust out water, adopt professional water film dust collector. The three-layer high-pressure spray technology, on the one hand, can ensure that the solid small particles in the smoke are fully washed; on the other hand, the recycling of dust can be realized.

Waste smoke pollution control

If the fuel is coal, firewood or heavy oil, the amount of smoke is large, you can also choose to use pulse type dust collector. The pulse dust collector is a dry dust collector and does not require water, so there is no moisture emission.

Waste gas pollution control

The main source of waste gas and the tail gas produced during the production ofoil pyrolysis plant

It is concluded that the change of waste plastic to oil is also feasible in handling relevant environmental assessment procedures!!!

What are you still hesitating? At present, the technology for converting waste plastics into oil has matured. It has a broad market prospect and a professional environmental protection control system to ensure that you can easily handle relevant environmental assessment procedures. This is a very worthy investment industry. , will bring you huge profits!!!

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