800XA AC800M distributed control system

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15 Days

3BDH000042R1 SY 809F Battery holder Without battery

3BDM000160R1 TB870F Terminal block

3BDM000213R1 TK 802F, 24 V DC

3BDM000210R1 TK 807F, 115/230 V AC

3BDM000211R1 TK808F 115/230 V AC

3BDM000212R1 TK809F 115/230 V AC

3BDM000103R1 TK 811F, CAN cable, length 3 m

3BDM000150R1 TK 821F, Cable serial

3BDM000100R1 TK831F CAN (triple channel), 0.5m with connectors

3BDM000202R1 TK890F Diagnostics cable

3BDM000201R1 TK891F Diagnostics cable

3BSE073314R1 Linking Device LD 800HSE EX

3BDH000281R1 Redundancy Link Cable, 0,5m

3BDZ000370R1 PCO 010, PROFIBUS DP connector

3BDZ000371R1 PCO 011 PROFIBUS DP connector

3BDZ000372R1 PCO 012, PROFIBUS DP connector

3BDZ000398R1 RLM01 PROFIBUS Redundancy Link Module

3BDH000649R1 BI914S Fieldbus isolating repeater

3BSE067082R1 BP914S Intrinsically safe PROFIBUS-DP connector

3BDH000691R1 CI920AB, Communication Interface

3BDH000692R1 CI920AN Communication Interface

3BDH000690R1 CI920AS, Control IT Communication Interface

3BDS014114 DO930N Relay Output

3BDH000601R1 SA920B, Power Supply

3BDH000600R1 SA920N Power Supply

3BDH000602R1 SA920S Power Supply

3BSE008516R1 AI810 Analog input

3BSE052604R1 AI815 Analog Input

3BSE008544R1 AI820 Analog input

3BSE036456R1 AI825 Analog Input

3BSE040662R1 AI830A Analog input

3BSE051306R1 AI835A Analog input

3BSE028925R1 AI843 Analog Input

3BSE023675R1 AI845 Analog Input

3BSE039293R1 AI880A High Integrity Analog Input

3BSC690071R1 AI890 Analog Input

3BSC690141R1 AI893 Analog Input

3BSC690086R1 AI895 Analog Input

3BSE038415R1 AO810V2 Analog Output

3BSE052605R1 AO815 Analog Output

3BSE008546R1 AO820 Analog Output

3BSE045584R1 AO845A Analog Output

3BSC690072R1 AO890 Analog Output

3BSC690087R1 AO895 Analog Output

3BSE022366R1 CI801 PROFIBUS DP-V1 Communication interface

3BSE041882R1 CI840A Profibus DP-V1 Communication Interface

3BSE008508R1 DI810 Digital Input

3BSE008552R1 DI811 Digital input

3BUR001454R1 DI814 Digital Input

3BSE069052R1 DI818 Digital Input

3BSE008512R1 DI820 Digital Input

3BSE008550R1 DI821 Digital Input

3BSE036373R1 DI825 Digital Input

3BSE069054R1 DI828 Digital Input

3BSE013210R1 DI830 Digital Input

3BSE013212R1 DI831 Digital Input

3BSE020836R1 DI840 Digital Input

3BSE028586R1 DI880 High Integrity Digital Input

3BSE013088R1 DI885 Digital Input

3BSC690073R1 DI890 Digital Input

3BSE008510R1 DO810 Digital Output

3BSE013258R1 DO815 Digital Output

3BSE069053R1 DO818 Digital Output

3BSE008514R1 DO820 Digital Output

3BSE013250R1 DO821 Digital Output

3BSE069055R1 DO828 Digital Output

3BSE020838R1 DO840 Digital Output

3BSE028602R1 DO880 High Integrity Digital Output

3BSC690074R1 DO890 Digital Output

3BSE013228R1 DP820 Pulse Counter

3BSE028926R1 DP840 Pulse Counter or Frequency Measurement Module

3BSE038407R1 FS801K01 firmware tool

3BSE038226R1 SS823 voting module

3BSE008534R1 TB805 Bus Outlet Modulebus extension cable adaptor

3BSE008536R1 TB806 Bus Inlet Modulebus extension cable adaptor

3BSE008538R1 TB807 Modulebus terminator

3BSE013208R1 TB820V2 Modulebus Cluster Modem

3BSE036634R1 TB825 Optical Media Converter Multi Mode

3BSE061637R1 TB826 Optical Media Converter Single Mode

3BSE037760R1 TB840A Modulebus Cluster Modem

3BSE022464R1 TB842, Modulebus Optical Port

3BSE021437R1 TB845, Dual Modulebus outlet

3BSE021439R1 TB846, Dual Modulebus inlet

3BSC630197R1 TK212 Tool cable

3BSC950004R1 TK527V030 Interface cable

3BSC950089R1 TK801V003 Cable

3BSC950089R2 TK801V006 Cable

3BSC950089R3 TK801V012 Cable

3BSC950107R1 TK811V015 POF Cable

3BSC950107R2 TK811V050 POF Cable

3BSC950107R3 TK811V150 POF Cable

3BSC950118R1 TK812V015 POF Cable

3BSC950118R2 TK812V050 POF Cable

3BSC950118R3 TK812V150 POF Cable

3BSE035990R1 TU805K01 Termination Units

3BSE039025R1 TU807, Termination Unit

3BSE013230R1 TU810V1 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE013231R1 TU811V1 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE013232R1 TU812V1 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE036714R1 TU813 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE013233R1 TU814V1 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE069209R1 TU818 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE068891R1 TU819 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE013234R1 TU830V1 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE013235R1 TU831V1 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE038726R1 TU833 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE040364R1 TU834 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE013236R1 TU835V1 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE013237R1 TU836V1 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE013238R1 TU837V1 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE008572R1 TU838 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE046966R1 TU839 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE020846R1 TU840, Termination Unit for 1+1 TB840

3BSE020848R1 TU841, Termination unit for 1+1 TB840

3BSE020850R1 TU842 MTU, for redundant AO/DI/DO84X

3BSE021443R1 TU843 MTU, for redundant AO/DI/DO84X

3BSE021445R1 TU844 MTU, for redundant AI845

3BSE021447R1 TU845 MTU, for redundant AI845

3BSE022460R1 TU846, Mounting unit

3BSE022462R1 TU847, Mounting unit

3BSE042558R1 TU848 with individual power supply

3BSE042560R1 TU849 with individual power supply

3BSE050930R1 TU850 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE068782R1 TU851 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE069964R1 TU852 Module Termination Unit

3BSE069966R1 TU854 Module Termination Unit

3BSC690075R1 TU890 Module Termination Unit

3BSC840157R1 TU891 Module Termination Unit

3BSE023607R1 TY801K01 8pcs Shunt Stick

3BSE033670R1 TY804K01 8pcs Shunt Stick

3BSE056980R1 TY820K01 10pcs Temperature Sensor

3BSE020512R1 AI801 Analog input

3BSE020514R1 AO801 Analog output

3BSE020508R1 DI801 Digital Input

3BSE022360R1 DI802 Digital Input

3BSE022362R1 DI803 Digital Input

3BSE020510R1 DO801 Digital Output

3BSE022364R1 DO802 Digital Output

3BSC610064R1 SD831 Power Supply Device Input

3BSC610065R1 SD832 Power Supply Device Input

3BSC610066R1 SD833 Power Supply Device Input

3BSC610067R1 SD834 Power Supply Device Input

3BSC610068R1 SS832 Voting Device Input

3BSE069270R2 PP871 4,3\" Touch panel

3BSE069271R2 PP874 7\" Touch panel

3BSE069273R1 PP874K Key panel 7\"

3BSE069279R1 PP874M Marine Black Touch Panel 7\"

3BSE069272R2 PP877 10,4\" Touch panel

3BSE069274R1 PP877K Key panel 10.4\"

3BSE069295R1 PP880R Rugged and Marine Touch Panel 7\"

3BSE069275R1 PP882 High performance touch panel 12.1\"

3BSE069276R1 PP885 High performance touch panel 15.4\"

3BSE069281R1 PP885H Marine Black Touch Panel 15\"

3BSE069280R1 PP885M Marine Black Touch Panel 15\"

3BSE069296R1 PP885R Rugged Marine Touch Panel 15\"

3BSE069297R1 PP886H Rugged Marine Touch Panel 15\"

3BSE069286R1 RX871 Touch cover

3BSE069287R1 RX874 Touch cover

3BSE069288R1 RX877 Touch cover

3BSE069291R1 RX882 Touch cover

3BSE069292R1 RX885/893 Touch cover

3BSE069474R1 TK858V002 Adapter cable

3BSE069475R1 TK859V000 Gender changer

3BSE069476R1 TK860V001 Splitter cable

3BDH000395R0005 CI 773F, Communication Interface

3BDH001010R0002 CI 930F, Communication Interface

3BDH000368R0001 CM772F PROFIBUS DP Master Module

3BDH001010R0001 PM 901F CPU Module

3BDH001000R0001 PM 902F, Central Processing Unit

3BDH000364R0002 PM783F Central Processing Unit

3BDH001030R0001 TA 951F, Battery

3BDH001020R0001 TD 951F, Display Unit

3BDH000366R0001 TK701F cable,5m

3BDH001035R0001 TU 951F, PROFIBUS Terminal

3KDE175512L9100 AI910B, Control IT Analog Input

3KDE175513L9100 AI910N, Control IT Analog Input

3KDE175511L9100 AI910S, Control IT Analog Input

3KDE175512L9300 AI930B, Control IT Analog Input

3KDE175513L9300 AI930N, Control IT Analog Input HART

3KDE175511L9300 AI930S, Control IT Analog Input

3KDE175512L9310 AI931B, Control IT Analog Input

3KDE175513L9310 AI931N, Control IT Analog Input HART

3KDE175511L9310 AI931S, Control IT Analog Input

3KDE175522L9500 AI950B, Control IT Temperature Input

3KDE175523L9500 AI950N, Control IT Temperature Input

3KDE175521L9500 AI950S, Control IT Temperature Input

3KDE175532L9100 AO910B, Control IT Analog Output

3KDE175533L9100 AO910N, Control IT Analog Output

3KDE175531L9100 AO910S, Control IT Analog Output

3KDE175532L9200 AO920B, Control IT Analog Output

3KDE175533L9200 AO920N, Control IT Analog Output

3KDE175531L9200 AO920S, Control IT Analog Output

3KDE175532L9300 AO930B, Control IT Analog Output

3KDE175533L9300 AO930N, Control IT Analog Output

3KDE175531L9300 AO930S, Control IT Analog Output

3KDE175831L9230 BI923S Ring-coupler RS485 / FO

3KDE175831L9240 BI924S Ring-coupler RS485 / FO

3BDH000674R0001 BI934S Ring-coupler RS485 / FO

3KDE175613L2210 CB220N Compact-Box

3KDE175322L9100 DO910B, Control IT Digital Output

3KDE175323L9100 DO910N, Control IT Digital Output

3KDE175321L9100 DO910S, Control IT Digital Output

3KDE175362L9100 DP910B, Control IT Frequency Input

3KDE175363L9100 DP910N, Control IT Frequency Input

3KDE175361L9100 DP910S, Control IT Frequency Input

3KDE175312L9100 DX910B, Digital Input or Output

3KDE175313L9100 DX910N Digital Input or Output

3KDE175311L9100 DX910S, Control IT Digital Input/Output

3KDE175831L9200 IP920 Module housing

3KDE175613L9110 SA911N Power supply

3KDE175112L9210 TU921B, Control IT Redundant Termination Unit

3KDE175113L9210 TU921N, Control IT Redundant Termination Unit

3KDE175111L9210 TU921S, Control IT Redundant Termination Unit

  • Country: China (Mainland)
  • Business Type: Manufacturer,Trading Company,Distributor/Wholesaler
  • Market:Africa,Americas,Asia,Europe,European Union,Middle East,Oceania
  • Founded Year:2017
  • Address:No.7, Xia Xianghu Road, Xiaoshan District,
  • Contact:Maverick Guo
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