Tobramycin sulfate CAS RN 79645-27-5

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Tobramycin sulfate

Wuhan Kasi En Chemical Co. plant drug tobramycin sulfate is obtained from Streptomyces prime medium belonging to aminoglycoside antibiotics. A lot has been exported to Europe and the developed areas and some developing regions.

Basic information of tobramycin sulfate

Chinese Name tobramycin sulfate

CAS RN 79645-27-5

English Name Tobramycin Sulfate

Molecular formula: C18H37N5O9.H2SO4 Molecular Weight: 565.59

Appearance: white or off-white powder

Tobramycin sulfate drug benefits:

1, production standards: the latest version of the standard at home and abroad. Such as USP37 / CP2010 / BP2013 / EP7.0.

2, the provisions of tobramycin sulfate content is 634μg / mg-739μg / mg, our company can reach 719μg / mg about content, can be widely applied in the formulation produced tobramycin sulfate injection.

3, 5 billion conventional packaging tobramycin sulfate / aluminum listen, our sealing and control market is much higher than other companies can do different packaging specifications according to different customer requirements. For details, please contact our sales staff Lei Jingli contact.

Why choose our tobramycin sulfate?

A: Our production and supply of tobramycin sulfate than other companies have several advantages

First, the cost-effective: better than other aminoglycoside antibiotics such as mono pit Kang kanamycin sulfate, gentamicin sulfate and other efficacy, add little stronger.

Second, the quality and reliability: Our production tobramycin sulfate to Kasi En chemical brand. Moisture ≤1.5%, the national standard ≤2.0%; Residue on ignition ≤0.1%, the national standard ≤1.0%.

Tobramycin sulfate storage conditions at room temperature, damp and dark airtight and dry. Please follow the requirements of our customers store, General valid for two years. For more product information about tobramycin sulfate, tobramycin sulfate dissolved as described, tobramycin sulfate pH, chromatographic purity tobramycin sulfate, tobramycin sulfate detection methods, tobramycin sulfate chemical product safety brochures and other information, please contact our sales staff for more information.
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  • Business Type: Chemical
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  • Founded Year:2015
  • Address:Zhangdian town,Xinzhou District,Wuhan City,Hubei province,China
  • Contact:JIE LEI
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