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Company Introduction

SHANGHAIKAIWODUN BIOCHEMICAL CO.,LTD Located in the Yangtze River---Yangtze River is China's densely populated, the most economically prosperous region, With its rich animal and plant resources, our company focuses on research and development of different kinds of animal and plant extracts to adapt to human health need in today's society. At the same time, because of its mastering of Yangtze River situation, has now become the popular supplier of high quality raw materials for most of the local phytochemistry factory.

At present, the KAIWODUN has set up their own product technology center, planning center, marketing center, information center. The main business products include animal and plant extracts, high-endcosmetics raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates.

The extract of plants and animals, is just the source of our human being. Adhering to the heart to heart business philosophy, SHANGHAI KAIWODUN BIOCHEMICAL CO.,LTD sincerely will to work with you hand in hand altogether to creat a new human world which is green, healthyand environmental !

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