SCIVAS LTD is specialized in investing variety of electronic products manufacturing factories. SHENZHEN XINHUAN ELECTRONICS LTD is a factory which was invested by SCIVAS LTD, is one of SCIVAS LTD subsidiary. SHENZHEN XINHUAN ELECTRONICS LTD produce main products: flashing toys, ...

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ZAN’S has been the pioneer registered brand of ZAN’S Global Limited since the company was established in1995. It is one of the outstanding brands created and marketed by a Hong Kong designer. ZAN’S Global Limited began as a one-stop solutions provider for OEMs and ODMs, ...

Address:Suite 601, Blk. 5 Nan Fung Ind. City, Tuen Mun Hong Kong

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Shenzhen Ronghui Photoelectricity Co., Limited

Shenzhen Ronghui Photoelectricity Co., Limited is a professional gift (flashing) manufacturer. Our full variety of flashing products include drink ware, beer mugs, flash mini fans, flashing sunglasses, kids'/adults' sunglasses, flash candles, flashing mouth dental caps, EL ...

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Young Generation offers Corporate gifts Premium gifts, door gifts, stationeries, leather products and many more at wholesale price. For Gifts Singapore Young Generation is a batter option for you. If you are thinking of giving gifts during your corporate event then you have to ...

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GoodFortune Promotion as the main customed gift supplier in this line,always make its efforts to realize the delivery in time and arrange leadtime in the customer's favor,most client select us because we attched more in the fact that the time of gift promotion is very important ...

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Indoor & Outdoor New and Unique Board games and more for all ages plus Educational: 14 brand new deferent type of traditional games which are not alike or close to any other games that exist in the market, suitable for any purposes whole the year through for example giving as ...

Address:Oostkousdijk 10c Rotterdam Zh, The Netherlands Netherlands

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Rongchang Feiyao Arts and Crafts Fan Factory

One of China' three most famous fans - Rong Chang folding fan, started from Jiaqing in 1551 Ming Dynasty, and became an articles of tribute in the late Ming Dynasty. The product is famed overseas for open freely and made masterly. The representative enterprise of Rongchang ...

Address:No. 467, Changzhou Zhongduan, Changyuan Town, Rongchang County, Chongqing City, China Chongqing Chongqing China (Mainland)

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