Saman International Co. Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Dear customer, Here at Saman International Trading Company, we introduce and advertise our products in all over the world. We are able to communicate and reach common grounds with our customers respectfully, so they would feel comfortable with their purchase. Being in business contact with trustworthy and dependable shipping companiesIs sensitive to our company. The products we present at Saman International Trading Company are: 1. Fruit juices & drink, concentrate and puree and nectar2. Natural Mineral water3. Tomato paste, ketchup4. Mayonnaise, sauce5. Date honey, Date liquid sugar (DLS) , Date concentrate, Date syrup, Date paste6. Grain conserve, olive conserve and other conserves7. pickled Cucumber, pickle8. Jam, fruit syrup9. Raisin. . 10. Canned food11. Natural Honey12. Cattle feed of date stone13. Vinegar14. different kinds of compotes in different prices and shipping packages, according to our customers order. If you are interested in any of our products, please, just feel free to let me know and do E-mail me and I shall send other detailed information (price and specs) Sincerely, Sales managerMr. ArshamSaman International Co.Tell: + 98-441-2247896Fax: + 98-441-2248266Add: Urmia, West Azarbaijan, Iran

Company Name: Saman International Co.
Business Type: Trading Company
Product/Service(We Sell): fruit juice / fruit concentrate / fruit puree, tomato paste / ketchup / sauce, Bee Honey / jam / pickle / vinegar, Date Honey / Date Syrup / date Sugar / Date Paste, Mayonnaise / Sauce
Address: khayyam
Number of Employees: 5 - 10 People
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  • Country:Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Province:West Azerbaijan
  • City:Urmia
  • Street:khayyam st. Urmia, west Azerbaijan, Iran
  • Zip:36621
  • Telephone:98-441-2247896
  • Mobile:
  • Fax:98-441-2248266