STUDIO TECH.CO.,LTD are the one biggest professional selling ADAPTERS & PANEL MODULE supplier in Taiwan.We offer all kinds of PANEL MODULE & LCD/ PANEL (including laptop, monitor, industrial and TV panels, size from 5 until 42) We also provide a lot of closeout model and stock.Especially AUO(AU), CHIMEI(CMO), SHARP, Toshiba, SAMSUNG, HITACHI, HANNSTAR etc..If you need any model of panel,Please don't hesitate to contact me here and i will reply you soon.We will offer the best price and free service for you.NOMODEL NO.1A070VW04 V.0 (LED) 2A070VW04 V.3 (LED)3A070VW04 V.4 (LED)4C070FW01 V.0 (26pin)5C070FW01 V.1 (26pin)6A080SN01 V.0 (LED)7A080SN01 V.5 (LED)8A080SN01 V.8 (LED)9A081VW01 V.0 (LED, 60pin)10A089SW01 V.0 (LED)11B089AW01 V.1 (LED)12B089AW01 V.3 (LED)13CLAA089NA0ACW (LED)14HSD089IFW1-A00 (LED)15HSD089IFW1-B00 (LED)16HSD100IFW1-A00 (LED)17B101AW02 V.0 (LED)18B101AW03 V.0 (LED)19LP101WSA-TLA1 (LED)20CLAA102NA0ACG (LED) 21CLAA102NA0ACW (LED) 22LTD111EXCA (LED)23B116XW02 V.0 (LED)24B121EW03 V.825B121EW07 V.0 (LED)26LP133WX1-TLA1 (for APPLE) 27LTN133W1-L0128B133EW01 V.329B133EW03 V.1 (LED)30B133EW05 V.0 (LED)31B133XW02 V.0 (LED)32NL12876BC26-22D (2CCFL)33B140XW01 V.0 (LED)34B141PW03 V.035CLAA141WB05A36LP141WX3-TLN137LTN141AT12-W03 (LED)38LTN141AT1339LTN141W3-L01 40CLAA150XH0241LTN150XG-L0242LQ150F1LA0343LQ150X1LCD3 44LQ150X1LGN7 45M150X4-T05 (Rec:C1)46M150XN05 V.347LTN152W3-L0148B154EW08 V.149B154PW02 V.350CLAA154WB03AN51CLAA154WB08AN52CLAA154WP05AN53B156HW01 V.1 (LED)54B156XW01 V.055B156XW02 V.0 (LED)56B156XW02 V204 (LED, Right Side connector)57CLAA156WA01A58LTN160AT0159LTN160HT01 60B170PW07 V.0 (2CCFL)61LTN170BT08-G0162B173RW01 V.0 (LED)63LP173WD1-TLC1 (LED)64M201EW02 V.8Industrial panelNOMODEL NO.1G084SN05 V.72G104SN02 V.0 (2CCFL, 20pin)3G104SN02 V.1 (2CCFL, 20pin)4G104SN02 V.2 (LED, 20pin)5G104SN03 V.1 (20pin)6G121SN01 V.37G150XG01 V.1 (2CCFL)8M150XN07 V.2 (2CCFL)9M150XN07 V.9 (2CCFL)10M170EG01 V.5 (4CCFL)11M170EG01 V.9 (4CCFL)12M170EG01 V.D (4CCFL)HK warehouseNOMODEL NO.1C070VW03 V.0 (cell only)2CLAA070LC0CCW (LED, 30pin)For More Information the below.Thanks & BestRegards,Meldy ChenSTUDIO TECHNOLOGY CO.,

Business Type: Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler
Product/Service(We Sell): LCD PANEL,Notebook Screen,LCD MONITOR,LAPTOP,LCD Module
Address: No.227 Tianjin St,Pingzhen City
Brands: CLAA154WB03AN.LP141WX3-TLN1
Number of Employees: 5 - 10 People
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  • City:taoyuan
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