Kunming city Panlong area Boyitang nationality art store China (Mainland)

We mainly business all kinds of antiques, such as old minority clothes, old minority embrodiery, old minority baby-carrier, painting, old buddha statue, old woodcarving, old mask, old furniture, silver decoration and so on. Between precipitous mountains and virgin forest in the southwest of China, live more than 20 ethnic groups such as Miao, Yi, Dong, Shui, Maonan, Hani, Dai, and Li and so on. Most of them lived a primitive life with the farming of slash-and-burn cultivation, fishing and hunting before the mid-20th century. We sell original cultural art which their ancestors did embroidery on the clothes and baby carriers have been entirely handed down from generation to generation until now. When we see pieces of clothes and baby carriers with embroidery, which seem to be reflect the life imagined of the national remote antiquity of our ancestors we connect with the earliest human period. Cut a hole in the center of animal fur, through head when people wear it. It is called" through head clothes. " Through head clothes, symmetric clothesand the clothes with opening button on the left or on the right, they are the most original clothes design. Embroidery has many skills such as horsetail embroidery, plait embroidery, twist embroidery, and lock embroidery, tower embroidery and so on. These skills had been nearly lost in Han people, but are used by Chinese national minorities. We have seen the Chinese historical record; the most is history of ruling Han people. And national minorities did have not their own language, we only relied on pattern and voice to record our national culture. Pattern is the design of painting and embroidery clothes. Voice, means the ballads sung to pass on our oral traditions. Through pattern and voice, we can know the reason why the ancestor believed in the existence of spirit and ghost; believed in heaven or hell after death believed in exorcising

Company Name: Kunming city Panlong area Boyitang nationality art store
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Product/Service(We Sell): old figure of Buddha, antique furniture, old costume, old minority embrodiery, painting
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