Faizan GmbH, Germany

Faizan GmbH, Germany believes in the new and innovative ideas in the textile, leather, garments and apparel manufacturing. Our products are rapidly modernizing, as new investments in automation and information technology have been made necessary by growing international competition. Faizan Gmbh also has responded to competition by developing new products and services. Advanced machinery is boosting productivity levels in textiles. New technology also has led to increasingly technical training for our workers. Computers and computer-controlled equipment aid in many functions, such as design, patternmaking, and cutting. Wider looms, more computerized equipment, and the increasing use of robotics to move material within the plant are other technologies recently designed to make the production plant more efficient.

Company Name: Faizan GmbH, Germany
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler
Product/Service(We Sell): Carpets,Rugs,Garments,Leather Products,Rice,Ladies Jeans,Men Jeans,Children Garments,Handmade Ladies Bags,Handmade Ladies Shoes,Handmade Cushions,Lamp with Handmade Covers
Address: Steinbeiss Str # 23,
Company Website URL: http://www.faizangmbh.com
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